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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year

Ok so I am a day late and a dollar short with this post. I totally forgot that I had the idea for this post way back at the beginning of our New Year

I found this pretty interesting. Right after our new year Brian and I were out having Chinese. One of our favorite restraunts. They gave us a chinese calendar. While reading through I found out that we will be entering the year of the Ox. We have just passed through the year of the rat. Diving deeper I looked up which animal Miss Noodle was born under. Can anyone guess??? Well The year was 2006.... And remarkably 2006 was the year of the DOG!!

1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006
People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They have a deep sense of loyalty, are honest, and inspire other people¡¦s confidence because they know how to keep secrets. But Dog People are somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn, and eccentric. They care little for wealth, yet somehow always seem to have money. They can be cold emotionally and sometimes distant at parties. They can find fault with many things and are noted for their sharp tongues. Dog people make good leaders. They are compatible with those born in the Years of the Horse, Tiger, and Rabbit.

Go figure... Hope that means that when she comes home she will acclimate well with her furry for legged brothers and sisters.

Anyway Happy Chinese New Year everyone and welcome to the year of the OX!!!

Heading WEST

Tomorrow afternoon I am heading west! Thank goodness it was not today, as the 8 hour trek from Bernville to the Cincinnati area would have been rough. Not looking forward to the drive, however I am excited about my upcoming weekend. Way, Way back in May I contacted John Wright ( see act of kindness blogspot) when he was still in Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately I was unable to meet up with him and his crew on my extremely short first trip. Our second trip to Kyrgyzstan was highlighted by having a day of first hand experience in a day in the life of John's "dream agents". Well this weekend I will finally get to meet up with John and his family, and Jayne and David Schooler, also part of the Possibility International team.

And to top that all off... There are blog buddies and my travel partner (from my visit trip in Decemeber) in crime coming to town!!! I can't wait to meet them all and see N again! N and I have spent countless hours in emails and talking on the phone. We are both so excited to be meeting John and everyone else... Below is the formal invite from John's actofkindness site. Don't fret I will have computer in tow and send all my updates on my upcoming trip! Will be a great way to get my mind off the obvious. And maybe the old adage here will come true....

A watched pot never boils....
I spend so much time watching for updates on the computer and waiting for that all important call. Well maybe, just maybe stepping away from the pot will be just what the water needs in order to come to a boil!!
David and Jayne Schooler,
LAMb International
Possibilities International
invite you to
Highlighting the Orphan Care Ministries in Central Asia
Friday, January 30 – 7 P.M.
Crossroads Community Church
3500 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio
Saturday, January 31 – 7 P.M.
Living Hope Community Church
1150 West Spring Valley Pike,
Centerville, Ohio

Monday, January 26, 2009

Project completion and practicing!!

We have lived in our house for almost 8 years. In that 8 years Brian and I have started many many many ..... projects. Ask how many we completed? You guessed it... Not many at all. Even the projects we feel like are finished still have "something" just not done. Well just before New Years I put out a call for help. My plea for help was answered and we are much closer to having finished projects in our house. We now have closet doors in our livinroom! Granted we still have to paint said doors... Any idea when that will get done? In my opinion that project will be another year at least in the making! At the same time we got a new light in the hallway.

The floor has finally been finished in Noodle's room, just need to finish the closet area and remove the thousand or so suitcases which have been packed, repacked and repacked again. All of which are pretty much full (all 48 pounds worth x 4 ) of donations for the baby house and the various outreach programs in and around Bishkek.

On to other news.. So far we have heard nothing from Bishkek stating how the recent upheaval of personnel in various high end positions will affect our paperwork. But in the meantime while wallowing in my sea of "no news" and "wait til next weeks" I received a phone call to lerch me back to the living. Hey cousin come play!!! Cool... off for a day of play at Monkey Joe's with my cousin Kevin and Zoey, his almost two year old daughter. ( or as Kevin says .. Thought you could see it as a day to practice some toddler skills!!! ) Hopefully Zoey and miss Noodle will be as good a friends growing up as my cousin and I have always been. They are very close in age, Noodle being only 4 months older.... Ok so everyone is asking what on earth is a Monkey Joe right? Some may have already found this awesome place. Monkey Joe's is an indoor inflatible playground. Inflatible sliding boards, moonbounce, obstacle courses. I was actually supposed to go along to share in the fun!! But Zoey had a different opinion about that. I have not had much time with Zoey so she does not know me too well. And while she was ok with me being there, she wanted nothing of me doing the actual climbing with her. Although she did look for me each and every one of the 100 times as she crawled through the obstacle course and asked to "up" the climbing wall one more time. For all those with any child who needs an outlet for energy... MONKEY JOES is the answer!!

Monkey Joe the mascot shows up and enjoys a slide with two Monkey Joe guests... (don't try to adjust your resolution.... These were not kids I knew so I have kind of distorted their features!)

When I got home!! Much to my great suprise Brian and our friend Chris had set up our new bedroom TV. Now a year ago if anyone would have asked Brian about a TV in the bedroom he would have shook his head violently and said absolutely NO TV in the bedroom. However with the arrival of the first photos of me and Miss Noodle, he has since changed his tune. He wanted a TV in the bedroom so if Noodle wanted to sit with us and watch TV when she was scared at night or just wanted to cuddle up and watch a movie or a show then she could... Well now we are proud parents to a mounted flat panel TV in the bedroom.. And the view from my pillow is something like this.......... No all we need is a microwave and a fridge and we'll never have to leave the bedroom!! Only thing missing is Miss Noodle...

The computer and the TV all in perfect view from my Pillow!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Brand New Day (a long post)

This has been one heck ( I would use another word but will keep it clean) of a week. Where to start.... First most of us who are waiting in this crazy process have been brought together by the power of the internet ( big thanks here to Suzanne and Pamela). Hearing on a daily basis from those who are sharing in this roller coaster ride has become part of my life. We have become quite the support system for each other. Well at the beginning of this week I think we all had hit an all time low. The dark had overtaken us all and there seemed to be no end in sight. This being said let me back up a little. I think it was about a month or so ago I started writing to Senator Bob Casey. I received several email responses and my case was presented to the Department of State. (who already knows about this all but was just a gentle reminder from another source) Others have been doing the same thing. writing letters trying to find someone to listen. On Wednesday night this week I wrote a pretty dramatic letter..... (insert excerpt here) LOL..
(for the last seven months the government of Kyrgyzstan has continued to supply our families waiting with one excuse after another of why they will not process adoptions. We have all been patient up until now. We feel that the time has come for the families to find someone who can step in and be a stronger advocate for our waiting children. The President and the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan have both consented to allow adoptions to occur, however they have done nothing to advocate that the actual party holding our paperwork actually sign off and send our documents through to court. Our fees to this government were paid in full and up front ($6500-$15000). We feel that our cases need to be moved forward.)
This was sent out far and wide... Joint Council for International Children's Services, National Council for Adoption, Senator Bob Casey, and to the Consulate of the American embassy in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. The first to reply was the Consul in Kyrgyzstan. Within an hour of sending the letter I received a reply.....

I am writing in reply to your message regarding your adoption in Kyrgyzstan. As you well know, the adoption process in Kyrgyzstan has stalled for the past several months. The U.S. Embassy has repeatedly met with the Kyrgyz government about this problem that you and other parents are facing. We have raised this case with as many levels of the Kyrgyz government as possible. Our Ambassador here in Kyrgyzstan as well as the Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs in Washington, DC have protested vigorously and requested the resolution of cases such as yours as quickly as possible. Both the U.S. Embassy and the Department of State are committed to assisting U.S. citizens abroad and I assure you that this matter has our full attention. I know this is very frustrating for you as you worry about the health of your child.

As we continue to press the Kyrgyz government for resolution of these cases, we would greatly appreciate your assistance. If you do not mind, could you provide us with the following information:

1) The name of the U.S. adoption with whom you are working
2) The name of the local adoption agency in Kyrgyzstan if known
3) The current location of your child (the name of the orphanage or city where she is currently located)
4) Have you had any court hearings or court appearances for your adoption?
5) The date you were originally supposed to complete your adoption
7) Have the Kyrgyz or your adoption agency given you any indication that something will happen and when?
Any information will help us as we continue to press for the resolution of these cases. The U.S. Embassy and the Office of Children’s Issues at the State Department will update both you and the public as soon as we have any definitive information. As I mentioned, I know this is a very trying time and we hope to resolve this as soon as possible.
U.S. Embassy Bishkek
Then one day later when all of us are feeling as low as low can be we get this mesage from JCICS who has been leading an advocacy effort. JCICS has all of our information and our email addresses..So we were all informed of this as soon as the word was received. Which impressed us all immensly....

Dear prospective adoptive parents,

It is Joint Council’s understanding that 17 high ranking officials of the Kyrgyz government, including the Minister of Education and the Vice-Minister of Education, have been removed from their positions. Obviously this will have an affect on in-process intercountry adoptions. It is currently unclear exactly how the changes will affect in-process cases.

As more information becomes available Joint Council will update our website.
Whoa baby..... The Ministry of Education .... FIRED... So long, farewell, Au Wiederzehn, GOOD RIDDANCE... A fellow adoptive parent had this to say and I find it hysterical... I know one other blog buddy has posted this too but it is just too good not to include. " Ishengul Boljurova the now former Ministry of Education " I hope she gets laundry duty at the Bishkek Baby House!" Would that not be fair justice???
So anyway for those of you not up to date with our reasons for waiting.... Ishengul Boljurova, and her deputy ministry of education have pretty much(we believe) been the reason for our snafu during this whole last 7 months. Since her appointment to the MOE no adoptions have occured in Bishkek. Others who have come home in the last seven month have been from other cities. Hopefully NOW we can all move forward.
The United States Ambassador... Zamira Sydykova is on her way to Bihkek. In fact she should be there by now!!! I am not sure if she had this visit planned or when she found out about all this hopped a plane... But it is said that International Adoption is on her list of "things to do" when she gets there.... All thoughts will be on her the next few days... I hope she can make something happen for us. As soon as we know more I will be sure to post it here!!!
Sorry for the long post.... But that was alot of news for one day!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Yet another update to this I just read over my comments!! Kimberly and Christina were both close!! And both replied! SO .... I will be grabbing prizes for both of you while on my gotcha trip. Hopefully that will be soon!!

Yesterday I posted about getting close to 5000 visitors. Kind of changed up the wording as I have no idea who 5000 was. And right now I am seeing double as it is 4am and I am trying to rewrite a post... I will try this post again when I wake up!

Well..... Gonna have to give this one to Kimberly my blog and email and now even phone support person!!! No emails.. And only two comments. I must have scared everyone away today. So Kimberly comented that she was 4968... guess I should have just kept it to the comment section. Oh well I'll try again at 10,000. But in the meantime 4968 seems to be closest without going over...

My prize pick would be a Kyrgyzstan wool critter... They are so cute and very traditional Kyrgyz. However for the adults I bought pillow covers (decorative) on my last trip and gave them as Christmas gifts. Everyone loved them!! Good LUCK!!! The downside is you will have to wait until my return to Kyrgyzstan for the prize. Hopefully that wait will not be too long!!! Thank you for all the visits to the blog and ALL the comments from everyone. I read every comment! This blog will eventually be converted to book form for Noodle to read when she is old enough to understand.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

BRRRR and stealing a quote!

Weather Update 1-19-09
Friday's high of 15 degrees tied the mark for the lowest daily high temperature for the date set in 1912 and 1920. On Saturday, the thermometer topped out at 19 degrees.
It really was cold NO KIDDING!
BRRRRR it is cold. I have spent most of the last few days in bed covers pulled up over my eyes, cuddling with the seven dogs (and Brian). I hate to admit it but that goofy looking mismatched person is me. Twice a day I bundle up in three layers. And trek through the frozen tundra wasteland that is our driveway to the barn. Scoops of grain, flakes of hay, and a fresh bucket of water for all the barn critters. I know in less then an hour that fresh bucket of water will no longer be water but ice. The temperature when we woke up this morning? A balmy 1 degree. That's Fahrenheit mind you!! A heat wave is in store for us starting tomorrow though, I think it is supposed to go up to 21!!!! WOOOHOOOOO! Anyway as I was walking up from the barn tonight I was pondering over our situation. And I could not help but again for the second time this week think of the phrase "It is always darkest before the Dawn" A fellow blogger posted about this a few months back... Things really seem dark right now as we continue to hear the dreaded words "wait until next week" Last night I had probably my first cry since I left Noodle over a month ago now! Quickly I shot out a few emails to vent my frustrations... Thank goodness for the support group of fellow bloggers and PAP's that are sharing this same road! Again I say Thank you and am so glad we have all found each other for support. Anyway I felt a bit better... But I digress.... Back to my frozen thoughts as I walked up the driveway. Maybe I can turn this saying around? Borrow it a bit and put in my own words. Maybe just maybe it is always COLDEST before the dawn??? Well here in south central PA this is the coldest it has been since 1985.. And it usually is pretty true that it is colder before dawn as after dawn the sun starts coming up right??!!! Ok... So I deduce that It is always coldest before the Dawn... Cold being us bundled up trying to keep ourselves together through the frigid winter air... And Dawn being the news we are waiting for... Its a stretch and it may be a bit of plagerism.. But thats my story and I am sticking to it!!!!

Hoping for DAWN

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angels and Prayers

Kathy (aka KT of the MT) has been on angel lookout for the Little Miss. You may remember some of the angels from past posts. WEll they are all from KT of the MT as she has fondly become known to me. So while we wait here for news from over there...... We send our thoguths and prayers on angels wings.... Please let us hear something SOON!!! To our coordinaters and our facilitaters may you continue to have strength to fight to bring our kids home. For our kids may you be wrapped in angels arms while you wait for our return.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 12th

I had to rethink this post... I am worried I put too much info in it to begin with... So if you are reading this and say "hey I know this is different from what I read earlier" here is my explaination and then my revised post. When I wrote the original January 12th post I was a bit frustrated and it was 4am. I am pretty sure I wrote a little too much information. email me privately and I can explain if you'd like!!

Well January 12th was long awaited. Over a month ago we were told we will hear something January 12th. The government officials in Kyrgyzstan return from their "holidays". A one month delay and then we will see movement... To borrow one of my fellow bloggers quotes we all became "cautiously optimistic" This was going to be the time.... well as i type this it is now January 13th and the Kyrgyz day is just about over, while here in the states (most of us) will get ready for another day. Will there be word? An update was sent from the front lines. (from one of the agencies) And we are now told they will know more on Wednesday. WHAT... oh good grief. So now we wait for another date.... Lets see what January 14th brings. I will keep lighting my candles and saying my prayers. Can't wait for this to be just over.

When all of this is said and done I am gonna personally send J at one of the other agencies a huge Thank you for being a great advocate for all of our kids. Goodnight Kyrgyzstan sleep well be rested and PLEASE send us good words when you wake in the morning. We here are waiting right now most impatiently.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vermont is closed !!!

With all due respect to all those Vermonters and New England folks reading I must say phooey! Brian and I have just returned from what is hopefully our last vacation as a family of two. We went to visit our friends from "upstate" New York, Argyle to be exact. Well Brian has been waiting and we have been all just ranting about some things that can be found in Vermont so we scheduled a day to "visit." We found ourselves in what can only be likened to a Griswold adventure in Vermont. There should have been a moose at the Welcome to Vermont sign that said "Sorry folks Vermont is closed on Tuesdays.... and some attractions are closed for the season." We never even gave most of this a thought. Off we went on an hour trek from Argyle to the Vermont Border. The first (and only productive stop) was the Chocolate barn. Here we indulged in way too much sugar and spent a kazillion dollars on chocolate and maple candy. Then off we race for "The Cheese House" only to find a sign in the window that says CLOSED ON TUESDAYS!!! So we are a bit bummed but its just cheese right. So we go of for a light lunch. Next stop..... Hemmings Motor News and Museum. Brian is an avid car fanatic and there is a Mustang (a Shelby GT) on display here. I have stopped on my way to Dog Camp and have told him about the place and he has been jonesing to go. But alas this too was not meant to be.... As the sign in their window said CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!!! The gas station and garage were open for business. I said I was going to walk in and ask if there was any way we could just quickly walk through, but everyone else including Brian just said phooey. So since we are already in Bennington lets go see the revolutionary war memorial. Ok cool...... CLOSED FOR THE SEASON..... At this point we say phooey to everything else and just hit a few local stores. Since everything else is closed. Well one thing Shannon and I enjoy doing is thrift shopping. Ok cool there is a thrift store right on our way home and we KNOW there is a bathroom there and everyone's legs are kind of crossed by this time. So we stop....... BIG SIGN on front of door..... NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS!!! At this point we just all explode in unstopable laughter. There may has well have been a closed on TUESDAYS sign on the door. So we go down the street to the Dunkin Donuts The women's room is LOCKED and no one is in.... So Shannon has Aaron stand guard and uses the men's room. Well she inadvertantly locked the door from the inside and now BOTH bathroom doors are locked!! Aw forget it I was not waiting in line to ask for a key so we head off. Now remind you we are in VERMONT... The night before we were sledding with the kids and Ripley decided to find his herding instinct. He herded the blow up snowtube straight down the hill grabbed it and POP.... That was the end of the snow tube. So I said I would buy a new snow tube. We are in Vermont there is snow and hills everywhere!! Should be easy right? NOT!!! No snow tubes or sleds of any kind to be found in the state of New York or Vermont. Guess the kids there need some cardboard boxes. With tales tucked we head home. Shannon runs a Horse Rescue and she always takes the time to stop in at local shelters when she passes any. Especially if they are small and private run. So we pull up at 3:30 in the afternoon to Second Chance Dog and Cat rescue which I think was somewhere just outside of Arlington before the Vermont/NY state line. Well the big red white and blue open sign was still out front so we pull in to the small front lot. As we do a woman walks out. Shannon gets out greets the woman as the woman proceeds to remove the open flag and tell Shannon in a pretty gruff voice.... "we close at 3:30 on TUESDAYS!!! Shannon asked if she could just take a quick look around. Which was met by a stout NOPE you can come back tomorrow.... OK no donation for you. So sad maybe we both would have left a few bucks donation for this small facility!!! Not a good way to do business.Anyway we head to the Vermont border. I ask to stop and get a photo of the Vermont sign so I can photo shop it and put a closed sign through it or something appropriate for our day. We do,I stop, no big deal. But once I got back to the house to try to download the few photos I actually did get for the day...... ALL THE FILES ARE CORRUPT!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

So much for our day in Vermont..... I will try a few things to repair the photos but I am not promising anything. Next time Brian goes with me to visit We will call the STATE of VERMONT first and ask if by any chance the borders are CLOSED for the DAY. Maybe the whole state of Vermont went south for the winter!!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Just as I was eager to bid farewell to 2008 I am overjoyed and overanxious to be in 2009. This year we WILL welcome home our daughter. I am sure with that there will come mnay new experiences and opportunities. As this is our first child we will begin the rest of our lives as being parents. I did a jump for joy today as the new year brought new (and very unexpected) Photos of our little miss. I can not wait until she is officially ours to post many many photos and stories to come..... But for now a snippet to begin our new year......

May this year bring new beginnings and new additions to ALL of us.