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Monday, January 19, 2009


Yet another update to this I just read over my comments!! Kimberly and Christina were both close!! And both replied! SO .... I will be grabbing prizes for both of you while on my gotcha trip. Hopefully that will be soon!!

Yesterday I posted about getting close to 5000 visitors. Kind of changed up the wording as I have no idea who 5000 was. And right now I am seeing double as it is 4am and I am trying to rewrite a post... I will try this post again when I wake up!

Well..... Gonna have to give this one to Kimberly my blog and email and now even phone support person!!! No emails.. And only two comments. I must have scared everyone away today. So Kimberly comented that she was 4968... guess I should have just kept it to the comment section. Oh well I'll try again at 10,000. But in the meantime 4968 seems to be closest without going over...

My prize pick would be a Kyrgyzstan wool critter... They are so cute and very traditional Kyrgyz. However for the adults I bought pillow covers (decorative) on my last trip and gave them as Christmas gifts. Everyone loved them!! Good LUCK!!! The downside is you will have to wait until my return to Kyrgyzstan for the prize. Hopefully that wait will not be too long!!! Thank you for all the visits to the blog and ALL the comments from everyone. I read every comment! This blog will eventually be converted to book form for Noodle to read when she is old enough to understand.


Paige said...

Congrats on nearing the 5000 mark! I love reading your blog. It's informative, interesting, and heartfelt. Also wanted to say that I love your plan to make the blog into a book for your little one. GREAT idea! I'm praying for you and all of us PAP's who are waiting, waiting to bring our children home.

Kimberly said...

close, but no cigar - I'm visitor 4968! :-)
Love following the blog!

Christina said...

You are so funny! I checked one time yesterday and you were at 4998. Tom said check back 2 more times and you will have it. Next time I checked you were at 5002. I missed it by 2 people. Congratulations on reaching the 5000 mark! Praying for some kind of news this week.

Kimberly said...

YIPPEE! I win - I never win anything! :-)