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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Brand New Day (a long post)

This has been one heck ( I would use another word but will keep it clean) of a week. Where to start.... First most of us who are waiting in this crazy process have been brought together by the power of the internet ( big thanks here to Suzanne and Pamela). Hearing on a daily basis from those who are sharing in this roller coaster ride has become part of my life. We have become quite the support system for each other. Well at the beginning of this week I think we all had hit an all time low. The dark had overtaken us all and there seemed to be no end in sight. This being said let me back up a little. I think it was about a month or so ago I started writing to Senator Bob Casey. I received several email responses and my case was presented to the Department of State. (who already knows about this all but was just a gentle reminder from another source) Others have been doing the same thing. writing letters trying to find someone to listen. On Wednesday night this week I wrote a pretty dramatic letter..... (insert excerpt here) LOL..
(for the last seven months the government of Kyrgyzstan has continued to supply our families waiting with one excuse after another of why they will not process adoptions. We have all been patient up until now. We feel that the time has come for the families to find someone who can step in and be a stronger advocate for our waiting children. The President and the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan have both consented to allow adoptions to occur, however they have done nothing to advocate that the actual party holding our paperwork actually sign off and send our documents through to court. Our fees to this government were paid in full and up front ($6500-$15000). We feel that our cases need to be moved forward.)
This was sent out far and wide... Joint Council for International Children's Services, National Council for Adoption, Senator Bob Casey, and to the Consulate of the American embassy in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. The first to reply was the Consul in Kyrgyzstan. Within an hour of sending the letter I received a reply.....

I am writing in reply to your message regarding your adoption in Kyrgyzstan. As you well know, the adoption process in Kyrgyzstan has stalled for the past several months. The U.S. Embassy has repeatedly met with the Kyrgyz government about this problem that you and other parents are facing. We have raised this case with as many levels of the Kyrgyz government as possible. Our Ambassador here in Kyrgyzstan as well as the Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs in Washington, DC have protested vigorously and requested the resolution of cases such as yours as quickly as possible. Both the U.S. Embassy and the Department of State are committed to assisting U.S. citizens abroad and I assure you that this matter has our full attention. I know this is very frustrating for you as you worry about the health of your child.

As we continue to press the Kyrgyz government for resolution of these cases, we would greatly appreciate your assistance. If you do not mind, could you provide us with the following information:

1) The name of the U.S. adoption with whom you are working
2) The name of the local adoption agency in Kyrgyzstan if known
3) The current location of your child (the name of the orphanage or city where she is currently located)
4) Have you had any court hearings or court appearances for your adoption?
5) The date you were originally supposed to complete your adoption
7) Have the Kyrgyz or your adoption agency given you any indication that something will happen and when?
Any information will help us as we continue to press for the resolution of these cases. The U.S. Embassy and the Office of Children’s Issues at the State Department will update both you and the public as soon as we have any definitive information. As I mentioned, I know this is a very trying time and we hope to resolve this as soon as possible.
U.S. Embassy Bishkek
Then one day later when all of us are feeling as low as low can be we get this mesage from JCICS who has been leading an advocacy effort. JCICS has all of our information and our email addresses..So we were all informed of this as soon as the word was received. Which impressed us all immensly....

Dear prospective adoptive parents,

It is Joint Council’s understanding that 17 high ranking officials of the Kyrgyz government, including the Minister of Education and the Vice-Minister of Education, have been removed from their positions. Obviously this will have an affect on in-process intercountry adoptions. It is currently unclear exactly how the changes will affect in-process cases.

As more information becomes available Joint Council will update our website.
Whoa baby..... The Ministry of Education .... FIRED... So long, farewell, Au Wiederzehn, GOOD RIDDANCE... A fellow adoptive parent had this to say and I find it hysterical... I know one other blog buddy has posted this too but it is just too good not to include. " Ishengul Boljurova the now former Ministry of Education " I hope she gets laundry duty at the Bishkek Baby House!" Would that not be fair justice???
So anyway for those of you not up to date with our reasons for waiting.... Ishengul Boljurova, and her deputy ministry of education have pretty much(we believe) been the reason for our snafu during this whole last 7 months. Since her appointment to the MOE no adoptions have occured in Bishkek. Others who have come home in the last seven month have been from other cities. Hopefully NOW we can all move forward.
The United States Ambassador... Zamira Sydykova is on her way to Bihkek. In fact she should be there by now!!! I am not sure if she had this visit planned or when she found out about all this hopped a plane... But it is said that International Adoption is on her list of "things to do" when she gets there.... All thoughts will be on her the next few days... I hope she can make something happen for us. As soon as we know more I will be sure to post it here!!!
Sorry for the long post.... But that was alot of news for one day!!!


Paige said...

Thank you so much for all your efforts. You are going to be a great mom! My agency has also been wonderful and trying so hard. Reading your blog has just given me more hope than I had yesterday.
God bless you!

Drew and Rita said...

Hi Ann,
Maybe something will happen now.

I referenced your post of Jan. 24 on my blog. You wrote it so well. We hope things will move for those waiting to bring home their children, and then those that are waiting for referrals can receive them too. Rita

Lori said...

Let's just hope that the new people involved realize what a TOTAL mess was created and work diligently to get it fixed. AND FAST!

You all of this, I've thought of all of you who have met and held your babies and how hard it has to be to have that feeling in your arms not being filled. And, when anyone asks us about the adoption and the money we'll probably end up losing, I always say something like, "Well...we knew it was a's another country that has ABSOLUTELY no obligation to us whatsoever...and we can't control them." brought up a point--you guys who have made trips and met/matched children HAVE DISHED OUT GOOD MONEY to the country and by GOD, they absolutely have an obligation to you guys for that. I've not been too upset about our country not being able to convince their country more effectively because I really do believe in the inate autonomy that citizens of whatever country they belong to and their right to not be bullied. HOWEVER...this is not an issue of one country bullying another...if not for the basic humanity and rights to a better life ALL children have, our government has the right (and obligation) to fight for YOU--U.S. citizens who have in good faith given LOTS of money to another country and for NOTHING and with not a second thought about it. I'm really incensed about that now too...

Matt and Pam Bean said...

Hopefully soon dear, hopefully soon. I am trying hard not to run screaming with excitement throughout my neighborhood and just hoping we all move quickly. Shelby is so lucky to have such a passionate momma that will fight for her!

Hilary Marquis said...

Yay! That is a HUGE step in the right direction! My prayer lately has been for the Kyrg gov't. to get things all straightened out so all of those precious kids can come home. But, I've also been praying that they will wave that pesky 30 waiting period :) I think you've all waited long enough!