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Saturday, January 17, 2009

BRRRR and stealing a quote!

Weather Update 1-19-09
Friday's high of 15 degrees tied the mark for the lowest daily high temperature for the date set in 1912 and 1920. On Saturday, the thermometer topped out at 19 degrees.
It really was cold NO KIDDING!
BRRRRR it is cold. I have spent most of the last few days in bed covers pulled up over my eyes, cuddling with the seven dogs (and Brian). I hate to admit it but that goofy looking mismatched person is me. Twice a day I bundle up in three layers. And trek through the frozen tundra wasteland that is our driveway to the barn. Scoops of grain, flakes of hay, and a fresh bucket of water for all the barn critters. I know in less then an hour that fresh bucket of water will no longer be water but ice. The temperature when we woke up this morning? A balmy 1 degree. That's Fahrenheit mind you!! A heat wave is in store for us starting tomorrow though, I think it is supposed to go up to 21!!!! WOOOHOOOOO! Anyway as I was walking up from the barn tonight I was pondering over our situation. And I could not help but again for the second time this week think of the phrase "It is always darkest before the Dawn" A fellow blogger posted about this a few months back... Things really seem dark right now as we continue to hear the dreaded words "wait until next week" Last night I had probably my first cry since I left Noodle over a month ago now! Quickly I shot out a few emails to vent my frustrations... Thank goodness for the support group of fellow bloggers and PAP's that are sharing this same road! Again I say Thank you and am so glad we have all found each other for support. Anyway I felt a bit better... But I digress.... Back to my frozen thoughts as I walked up the driveway. Maybe I can turn this saying around? Borrow it a bit and put in my own words. Maybe just maybe it is always COLDEST before the dawn??? Well here in south central PA this is the coldest it has been since 1985.. And it usually is pretty true that it is colder before dawn as after dawn the sun starts coming up right??!!! Ok... So I deduce that It is always coldest before the Dawn... Cold being us bundled up trying to keep ourselves together through the frigid winter air... And Dawn being the news we are waiting for... Its a stretch and it may be a bit of plagerism.. But thats my story and I am sticking to it!!!!

Hoping for DAWN


Christina said...

The "wait until next week" saying is really taking it's toll on all of us. We get our hopes up each week only to get them dashed. It is great that we are all there for each other through this horrible wait. Keeping you and all of the other PAP's in my thoughts and prayers.

Shannon said...

I think it sounds great! I agree, if I hear "wait until next week" one more time I'm going to scream (again)! Hang in there, Ann.

Jes said...

I love it! I'm also tired of waiting until next week. I really thought that I would get home from Mexico and have to start packing my bags for Kygyzstan! Or at least hear some good news...

Hang in there!

Kimberly said...

Brrrrr is right! I'm sending warm thoughts your way!
Here comes the sun! (think Beattles!)