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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 12th

I had to rethink this post... I am worried I put too much info in it to begin with... So if you are reading this and say "hey I know this is different from what I read earlier" here is my explaination and then my revised post. When I wrote the original January 12th post I was a bit frustrated and it was 4am. I am pretty sure I wrote a little too much information. email me privately and I can explain if you'd like!!

Well January 12th was long awaited. Over a month ago we were told we will hear something January 12th. The government officials in Kyrgyzstan return from their "holidays". A one month delay and then we will see movement... To borrow one of my fellow bloggers quotes we all became "cautiously optimistic" This was going to be the time.... well as i type this it is now January 13th and the Kyrgyz day is just about over, while here in the states (most of us) will get ready for another day. Will there be word? An update was sent from the front lines. (from one of the agencies) And we are now told they will know more on Wednesday. WHAT... oh good grief. So now we wait for another date.... Lets see what January 14th brings. I will keep lighting my candles and saying my prayers. Can't wait for this to be just over.

When all of this is said and done I am gonna personally send J at one of the other agencies a huge Thank you for being a great advocate for all of our kids. Goodnight Kyrgyzstan sleep well be rested and PLEASE send us good words when you wake in the morning. We here are waiting right now most impatiently.


Shannon said...

Oh, sweetie - I hope you didn't feel bad about my response to your first post. I love that we can all share information openly - good, bad, or otherwise. I guess today is just one my not so good days. Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news for all! :)

Lori said...

I'm in TOTAL agreement with you about thanking J at the other agency...I don't know what we'd be doing without her info. Too bad MY agency doesn't take note.

Pamela said...

Patience, I know that is a hard word to think about right now. I'm having trouble with it, too. But think about it. If they were away on holiday for at least a week, then things won't get done the first day they are back. However, they prepare the things they need to and work towards the goal of moving things along lickety split.

Yeah, I know is sounds overly optimistic. Given my level of anxiety right now, my faith and God and people is what is carrying me along.

Keep that faith of yours going strong, Ann. God's time will come.

Hilary Marquis said...

Hang in there! We'll keep praying :)

Christina said...

Praying very hard for some kind of news today. Yes, I love J at my agency. Always attentive to questions or just there when we need her. Really could not go through all of this without her.

Kimberly said...

I always love reading your posts Ann - they are so heartfelt and genuine!
You're a gem!