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Monday, January 26, 2009

Project completion and practicing!!

We have lived in our house for almost 8 years. In that 8 years Brian and I have started many many many ..... projects. Ask how many we completed? You guessed it... Not many at all. Even the projects we feel like are finished still have "something" just not done. Well just before New Years I put out a call for help. My plea for help was answered and we are much closer to having finished projects in our house. We now have closet doors in our livinroom! Granted we still have to paint said doors... Any idea when that will get done? In my opinion that project will be another year at least in the making! At the same time we got a new light in the hallway.

The floor has finally been finished in Noodle's room, just need to finish the closet area and remove the thousand or so suitcases which have been packed, repacked and repacked again. All of which are pretty much full (all 48 pounds worth x 4 ) of donations for the baby house and the various outreach programs in and around Bishkek.

On to other news.. So far we have heard nothing from Bishkek stating how the recent upheaval of personnel in various high end positions will affect our paperwork. But in the meantime while wallowing in my sea of "no news" and "wait til next weeks" I received a phone call to lerch me back to the living. Hey cousin come play!!! Cool... off for a day of play at Monkey Joe's with my cousin Kevin and Zoey, his almost two year old daughter. ( or as Kevin says .. Thought you could see it as a day to practice some toddler skills!!! ) Hopefully Zoey and miss Noodle will be as good a friends growing up as my cousin and I have always been. They are very close in age, Noodle being only 4 months older.... Ok so everyone is asking what on earth is a Monkey Joe right? Some may have already found this awesome place. Monkey Joe's is an indoor inflatible playground. Inflatible sliding boards, moonbounce, obstacle courses. I was actually supposed to go along to share in the fun!! But Zoey had a different opinion about that. I have not had much time with Zoey so she does not know me too well. And while she was ok with me being there, she wanted nothing of me doing the actual climbing with her. Although she did look for me each and every one of the 100 times as she crawled through the obstacle course and asked to "up" the climbing wall one more time. For all those with any child who needs an outlet for energy... MONKEY JOES is the answer!!

Monkey Joe the mascot shows up and enjoys a slide with two Monkey Joe guests... (don't try to adjust your resolution.... These were not kids I knew so I have kind of distorted their features!)

When I got home!! Much to my great suprise Brian and our friend Chris had set up our new bedroom TV. Now a year ago if anyone would have asked Brian about a TV in the bedroom he would have shook his head violently and said absolutely NO TV in the bedroom. However with the arrival of the first photos of me and Miss Noodle, he has since changed his tune. He wanted a TV in the bedroom so if Noodle wanted to sit with us and watch TV when she was scared at night or just wanted to cuddle up and watch a movie or a show then she could... Well now we are proud parents to a mounted flat panel TV in the bedroom.. And the view from my pillow is something like this.......... No all we need is a microwave and a fridge and we'll never have to leave the bedroom!! Only thing missing is Miss Noodle...

The computer and the TV all in perfect view from my Pillow!!!!


Drew and Rita said...

I could commiserate with you on both the wait and the unfinished projects. Based on your pictures it looks like things are coming around.

Shannon said...

I, too, know about unfinished projects. I am just starting a playroom downstairs instead of finishing the hundreds of other "little things" I've got going. As for the TV in the bedroom, we said "no way" for years, too. However, with the sheer exhaustion of parenthood, it is a blessing to lay in bed in the evening to watch the news, fall asleep 5 minutes after it starts, and not have to get up and go to bed! :)

smctiver said...

You're certainly not alone with those unfinished projects!!! We are another "adoptive family in waiting" with a small handfull of projects with fine details that need to be finished. Heck, one has BIG details that need to be started yet!!!

And I am the one that caved in on the TV in the bedroom. I really like listening to the news in the morning, and like Shannon, I appreciate the sleep timer.

Kimberly said...

Progress! Way to go Ann :-)
One step at a time right? I actually moved a book case from the basement to Hannah's room - now to fill it with all the books that have been in my closet!