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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's Get it Right for the Wrights!

I am a day late with this posting. I want to join my friends and blog buddies in this campaign of hope. The Wright's are doing amazing, amazing things in Kyrgyzstan. Feeding the hungry, clothing for the cold, extreme makeovers, providing love to children who would otherwise not know it. While I wait to bring my daughter home it is good to know that people like these exist to help make a difference in the lives of the forgotten in Kyrgyzstan. Please accept my apologizies if I know I have posted the needs here on my blog many times. But this plight is near and dear to me. I have seen the people who have been recepients of the generosity of the Wright's and I myself have been the recipient of the generosity of the Wright's. See the posts on my blog and the two previous ones.

Let’s Get it Right for the Wrights!
Dear Friends of the Wrights,
We all know and understand the effectiveness of the work John, Julie and family have done in Kyrgyzstan – the country they love so much and have been called to. Let’s get them there ON THE GROUND full time! We can do this.
This post is coming out with other blog posts all over the country – people who have blogs that know the Wrights. Let’s shock them with the provision of financial resources and letters/notes of encouragement to help them return to Kyrgyzstan . They want to go as full time missionaries – they just need our help to get them there.
We propose that we raise a minimum of the following:
$20,000 to cover a year’s needs on the home front
· Home expenses – the place to come back to
$30,000 to cover a year’s needs on the foreign front
· Travel in and out of the country with family 2 x a year
· Travel in the country to the different sites
· Family expenses – including the educational needs of one daughter
· Lodging and meals
This is just $50,000. We can do this and we can do it quickly. Here is how. Go to JOHN’S Blog and hit the button that is for the Wrights….support.
www.actofkindness. blogspot. com
AND guess what – you can watch all that is done there on his will learn to live vicariously in a healthy way by reading and supporting the RIGHT cause. What an opportunity – Will you help?
Blessings, Lynn and Ruby from LAMb International

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank you! A day Late

The beginning of this post goes out to my mom and dad. Without them I would not be. Thank you for being my parents and the beginning of my family.
Even though Noodle is a million miles away and my family is not complete, I must say that I feel very blessed. I have had an amazing nine months filled with joy, heartache, tears, discovery, travel and most of all friendship. I have met new friends, made new friends via the new fangled new age internet, and through the same technology have reconnected with many old friends. I am amazed at the power of the internet.
That all said I will get on to my story.... on Saturday, my mom made her bestest and my most favoritest meal. Meatballs.. Ok and spaghetti too. But my mom's meatballs are just simply the best. Hmm somehow I forgot to take a picture of the meatballs. Oh well that just means she'll have to make more!!! My niece, nephews, and my sister-in-law had an awesome lunch ( unfortunately my brother was out saving lives he is doing his clinical rotations for his paremedic license.) My sister -in- law's mom made cake and even came by with flowers. Ok both with a story!!! First the cake... My niece wanted candles on said cake.. I said its ok... But she insisted. Well the only candles my mom had were a 1 and a 3. So I had a choice. I could celebrate my 13th or my 31st birthday. I chose 31. So This year I turned back the clock a few years and I am now 31 years old!!! The kids did their rendition of Happy Birthday. and my nephew beat me to the candles. I really hope that does not mean I missed out on making a wish on my birthday candles. Anyway My sister in law's mother dropped by with roses, a dozen actually. She said she has prayed on each rose for Miss Noodle to come home. She prayed to Saint Theresa and sent prayers up to her daughter Theresa who died several years ago. Her daughter and my niece are named for Saint Theresa!

Then last evening my work friends also bought cake (no candles this time I think the hospital would have frowned) and a peace plant. Sorry Corey I forgot the name of the plant again. And then there is facebook. WOW... I received a happy Birthday greeting from so many of my friends, both past and present!!! Thank you to ALL!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Note from the DOG

Dearest Mancub...
Come home soon. As you can see the dogs need a break. We hear that once the mancub comes home SHE needs frequent bathing. Maybe this will mean no more baths for the dogs. (we can hope right) We just hope that you are as crazy about frisbees and balls as we are! Of course we can teach you how to throw them just the right way. Oh... We have also been informed that when Mancubs eat they are messy. So we are looking forward to cleaning the floor under your seat! Don't worry, if you spill your milk. Milk is a delicacy for us so we will be happy to make sure there is no evidence left behind of any milk mishap.
Ryott (just one of your four legged brothers)
P.S. the tub is not fun, but the towel dry afterward is simply marvelous!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hand to hand

Hello all,I know this is totally off topic. I just came from reading John's new posts at Iam1RU website. And the story about Sergey strikes very very close to home. So I thought I would take up this cause and see if I can get some others to help. A few of you here know that I am myself an amputee. Very rarely do I refer to myself as an amputee but its the truth. 11 years ago on February 28th I was in a one car accident. The driver of the car I was in swerved off the road and my hand flew out the closed window and was crushed. I lost three fingers on my right hand. 4 surgeries later I pretty much only have use out of my Pinky finger one my right hand. However the grand total for those surgeries was well over $25,000. Sergey the 30 year old man on the website definitely needs surgery sooner then later on his hand. By the looks of his fingers he will most likely lose more of his fingers. Anyway I am writing to see if we as a group could raise the funds for this man's hand surgery. You can see the story here I hope no one minds me posting that here it is just that his story is so close to my own struggle when I lost my three fingers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Pictures!!

I am giggling a little as I post this photo. A few weeks ago I met John in Ohio. After seeing my photo albums his comment was "wow she really doesn't have just half a face!" And here I am posting another "half picture" again. Hopefully not too many more of these "half a photos have to be posted. The new photos seem to come in accordance to an update we got last week. "Parents of waiting kids are allowed to visit and receive pictures and updates of their referred children" Prior to this our photos all came in the form of bootlegged snaps from visiting parents.

Today we also received in a different posting a link to an article. Still unsure what to make of it. I think it is good news! But not sure. As soon as I know more I will post it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Today's Blog post Brought to you by the Letter "G"

G is for gookie is good enough for me... Ok that did not work, but I was having a Sesame Street Moment. I really have no idea where I am going to come up with 10 G words that I love. But gonna give it a shot. First the rules! I thought I would play along with this when I saaw it on Maria's Blog over at Contents of my Heart. I see my bestest Blog buddy is also playing along over at Hoping for Hannah. I am rambling in hopes of G words coming to mind....ANd its not working.

oh well give it a shot..... and if you are reading this you are tagged and if you want to play leave a comment and I will send you a letter for your own blog use.

1) GOD...... during the last 8 months I have had increased prayer communications with God. Over the last two months I have really had many many witnessed God moments. So without any other words needed my number 1 had to and has to be God.

2) Grandmother/Grandparents- Oh how I miss my grandparents. My Grammom has a birthday coming up. This will be the first year without an everybody's birthday party. We celebrated in February my nephew, my grammom and my bdays. So we would have an everybody's birthday party. Sigh. All my grandparents are sadly missed, however close to my heart and all I am sure are holding Miss Noodle close while I wait to return for her.

3) Goofy- ok so the obvious this may be my Mom's favorite by I am borrowing it and I can use this two fold. Goofy is my mom's favorite Disney Character. But goofy can also be me and Brian. We enjoy being goofy, having goofy conversations and just all around being silly.

4) Gems- I am not a big jewelry person but I do however love my birthstone which happens to be Amethyst! And I do LOVE my new blue topaz pendant keeping Miss Noodle close to my heart at all times.

5) Gifts- who doesn't love a gift both giving and receiving.... although I would have to say I would rather GIVE.

6) Goat cheese- I am stretching is now... but I do love feta cheese which in essence is goat cheese.

7) Garlic- another food but hey what can I say. Garlic I cook and use garlic on just about everything.

8) German Shepherd- I knew I could not get through this without somehow including my dogs! One of those dogs is our German Shepherd Hannah. Hannah came to us as a nine month old puppy. She was dropped off on our front porch. Unfortunately our free dog then required open heart surgery, and as one could imagine free became thousands. She still bounces around our house like a puppy at three years old.

9) Grass- as soon as it gets warm enough (and sometimes when it is not) the feel of grass under my bare feet. During the late spring and early summer I am forever barefoot walking in the grass. I sure can't wait since its a bit too cold to walk outside now in bare feet.

10) another stretch but hey I work on this blog almost every single day so why not GEOGRAPHY- Geography was not my favorite subject in school. But over the last year and a half I have enjoyed learning about geography while traveling the world... Bishkek, Amsterdam, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Ohio, West Virginia, New York City. All places I have either been or have learned about during this wait for bringing home NOODLE.

Ok so that wasn't too bad. Maybe tonight I will try and set pictures to each word!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Change of State of Mind

8 months worth of daily worry and deep seeded heartache have taken a toll on me. What most of the people around me do not know is what I have allowed to happen to myself. Especially since my return from Kyrgyzstan in December. My life, my world has pretty much screeched to a halt. Every waking moment has been spent in a deep seeded worry and concern. I have stopped training my dogs stopped doing almost everything. I live mostly day to day in front of my computer just waiting for THE news to break. Every day leads to a bit more depression. I have written letters to everyone I can possibly think of. I have joined with the 60 plus others in raising the awareness of Kyrgyzstan's stalled adoptions. Those efforts have been rewarded positively. We do have the attention in our government. But OUR government is just as powerless as we all are. Every week I have felt I can't go on one more week. And then another week comes and goes and still NOthinG. I thought I hit rock bottom several times. And yet I still find the ability to put on a happy face when I leave the confines of my house. I can still tell everyone I have no news about when we can bring Miss Noodle home with a shrug and a we just have to wait and see. But I have come to a realization I can't do this anymore. I have to move on, let go of something that is not in my control. I did not do this on my own. It took the advice from a PAP and AP who has already been through this and who is going through an adoption that she has been waiting 2 YEARS to complete and still waiting. I have linked to Cyni in a recent post. And I am linking back to her again. This is a wonderfully strong woman and I admire and respect her courage, faith, and strength. The following link is the full open letter to those of us waiting to complete our adoption from Kyrgyzstan. I have found strength and hope as well as a candid truth that I may not want to think about (But rest assured it has crossed my mind) in some of her words. But the truth is living in "limboland" is painful, heartbreaking, heartwrenching and full of unknowns. I have done everything I can humanly, physically and emotionally do to advocate for the homecoming of my daughter. Now I must give over the rest to GOD. Not to say I will not still make some phone calls, and I hope to have a meeting Tuesday to get another ally on our side. But my daily Hourly, Minute to minute limbo and thoughts of Miss Noodle and her homecoming I give over to My higher power. My higher power is GOD, my guardian angels, Noodles angels, my grandparents who live in heaven... They have control and the power. Not me. Thank you Cyndi for the words that I will continue daily to reflect on. Thank you to all the other PAP's and to the other AP who are our support people, and to all my familiy and friends. We will get Noodle home... I just know it...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

This is a quick post as the pictures can speak for themselves. But I just needed to share what Brian brought home for me for Valentine's Day. When he asked if I wanted to go out to dinner or if there was anything specific I wanted I said I would like a chain for my butterfly pendant. Last evening he went out to do just that. But he said he had an ta da moment and went one step further. Instead of a chain for my butterfly he bought a birthstone heart with Miss Noodle's birthstone!!! Ok everyone together. AAAAWWWW. It was a very sweet thought and I am so glad he thought of it. Thank you Brian!!!

We also had a Valentine for our four legged friends! Each received a frosty paws treat, topped with a candy heart. All the candy hearts got left on the floor but all the frosty paws were gone!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Cross Post From Cindy/ And an update on A Call for Help

The following is a cross post from Cindy LaJoy. This comes from both her blog and from her post on our message group. It is also a follow up post to A call for help. Those of us waiting knew we waanted to do something but had no idea how to go about collecting photos and stories! Well Cindy was all over it and on top of the situation. She talked directly to Joint Council for International Children's Services (JCICS) yesterday and they came up with a plan! Contact Cindy if you are interested in helping. JCICS does not have the translation and costs for this project in this years budget. The link for their donation site is here There is a comment section to indicate that you want your donation to be given right to the costs for this project. If you decide to donate please make sure to fill out that your donation is for the costs of the Kyrgyzstan letter writing campaign!

Also I will not miss an opprtunity here.. Cindy has taken on this project and I am sure it will take much of her time. So maybe we can take the opportunity as a thank you for Cindy's time to donate to Simple Dreams!!! On behalf of the LaJoy family!!

**********************Cindy's Post******************

Hi Everyone!

I had a conversation with Rebecca Harris at The Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCICS) today regarding the situation with Kyrgyzstan adoptions. They would like to present the Kyrgyz officials with information about Kyrgyz children who have already been adopted in the hopes that seeing the positive outcomes will help them better understand the need to continue to allow adoptions. This has NOT been requested by any Kyrgyz officials, but is in an effort to educate them about the conditions of a child post-adoption.

Here is the request as per JCICS:

Following the conference call with the Dept of State and prospective adoptive parents with referrals from Kyrgyzstan, Joint Council has initiated a call for Kyrgyz adoptee stories. This will be a part of Joint Council's continued Global Awareness Campaign which aims to show the plight of children in need and the successes of children who have been placed in permanent care. If a family has adopted from Kyrgyzstan and would like to share their story as part of the Campaign they should send their story to Cindy LaJoy at Cindy is an adoptive mother of three children, one of who was adopted from Kyrgyzstan. The stories can be a maximum of 250 words and must have photos included. Families will need to submit an electronic release of information with their story. A copy of Joint Council's release is attached for you to distribute to families. Stories must be submitted to Cindy by Monday, February 23rd. Joint Council would like to thank Cindy for the donation of her time for this Campaign.

Two examples of stories in the required format are attached. Please note that these stories were submitted as part of a similar Campaign for Russia.
============ ========= ========= ======
I am going to ask that anyone willing to do this email me and I will send the aforementioned samples and the electronic release for you to complete.

While I know that once we get our children home it is easy to just throw up our hands and not care what happens afterwards, but there are over 60 children right now currently waiting for their families to complete their adoptions. This includes a family that lives near us as well as the family waiting for Kenny's buddy to come home. PLEASE, if you have completed an adoption, take the 10 minutes it will require to do this and email it to me so I can compile them all. The lives of a lot of children may count on it, and your happy ending should be allowed for them as well.

If you know someone who is not a member of this list but has completed an adoption from Kyrg, please feel free to forward this email to them and ask if they would consider doing this. If anyone would like to speak with me further about this, email me or request my phone number and I will gladly speak with you on the phone about it as well. However, I know nothing more than any of you do about the status of your waiting children, so if you call to speak to me specifically about that you will be disappointed. All I am doing is volunteering to do what I can to help, but am not "in the know" on anything.
Thanks so much,
Cindy LaJoy
Group Moderator

I've been TAGGED

This is a first for me. I have been tagged by my dear friend over at Hoping For Hannah. The task? to post a fun photo. The directions... Go to your fourth photo file location and post your fourth photo in that file. Hmmm. Well I tried that and that file came up as a photo of Bishkek. So I will add that here since I tend to follow the rules to a T. But that was quite boring for a TAG post that should be light airy and fun. So I searched a bit on my drive for a fun foto. My computer is quite new so almost all my photos that are here are relatively new. But one will provide some smiles. This photo is from years and years ago. I won't tell how many. It can also be found on my facebook page, and this picture can be found in three different households. A bit of background. Thats me over there on the left! Then Jenny and Debbie my friends from elementery school. Yes we were brownies then! Recently I have reconnected with Jenny and Deb via facebook, and this photo was the first thing I thought of. Obviously Jenny did too as she found the picture and posted it immediately when I mentioned it. So for your picture enjoyment and for hopefully a few smiles My flying up ceremony from Brownies to Junior Girl Scouts!

Now to continue following directions I have to tag more people to enjoy share this fun. And I think we could all use the smiles. So that said I tag Hilary, Jes, Shannon, Lisa and Cristina! Have fun can't wait to see what you guys come up with... Oh and if you are reading this I tag you too!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A call out for help!

I am hesitant to get into a lot of details here. But I will give it a shot and try to stay as open as I think I can. Maybe I will change my mind and be even more open and change this post. My mind is mush. Anyway to the point. On Wednesday morning those of us who are matched with referrals from The Kyrgyz republic were invited to an open conference call to discuss adoptions in Kyrgyzstan and plans. Before anyone asks..... There was no resolution and not really any news offered that we have not already heard. I came away from this call probably more sad then going into it. But the issue that just kept coming up from the parties involved to those running the show was " What can we do to help." " We need to be advocates for not only our kids but for all the kids in orphanages waiting" I think after the third or fourth time this question was asked the girl running part of the show had a bit of an answer for us. Now she could not say it will or will not work. But it was a brainstorm and she put it out there. Possibly, Just maybe, we could appliy to all our families who are already home from Kyrgyzstan to write letters and send photos to high ranking officials in Bishkek. Hold on there is another catch.... These Kyrgyz officials don't speak English. So here is our call out for help... I know there are several Adoptive parents who read my blog.... If we can spread the word... Anyone who could write letters and somehow get them translated and would be willing to send them out on behalf of those of us waiting we would appreciate it. Ok so where to send letters? We have to work on that. I think we are either going to try and compose a list. Anyone interested just get in touch with any of us waiting!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Heartfelt Birthday Wish

These cakes were given one each to Noodle and Aaden's room back in December

Today while we all wait for news, a child who has become very special in my heart is celebrating his first birthday. This birthday will be celebrated from a distance. Family, and friends surround this child with prayers and love with the hope that never will another birthday go without the hugs and one on one love from his family. Miss Noodle and I spent many hours with A and he is such a sweet soul. This birthday wish goes out to not only A but to his Mom and Dad waiting for him , and to all the children who will spend their birthdays in an orphanage. We have all now had to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and important milestones from 7000 miles away. Knowing we are sharing these moments with each other may ease the knowledge that we are in this alone, however it does not ease the pain and heartache we feel that we remain apart.

Sending love across the miles Happy Birthday! Love Noodle, Ann and Brian

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saint Jerome Emiliani

In the Catholic church saints are celebrated. Each has his or her own feast day. I am not professing my loyalty to any one religion here as I have been far from practicing in a church for a long time. That does not say I have not had some amazing and trippin moments over the last 8 months and in particular the last two. (winks to N here). Basically my relationship with religion has been nondenominational for years. But anyway since I spent 10 years in CCD classes I know a bit about Catholocism. I do believe in Angels, Guardian Angels and Saints!

Saint Jerome Emiliani is the Patron Saint of orphans and abandoned people. February 8 is considered the feast day for Saint Jerome. I found this quite interesting. Saint Jerome is said to have been quite a "dissololute youth. He ran away from home at 15. Joined the Venice army and was captured and kept as a prisoner. He prayed to Mary and was said to have been freed by her apparition. He then pledged his life to the church. But spent most of his time helping orphans. He started 6 orphanages the first in his own house. Saint Jerome died on February 8, 1537 and was
"declared the patron of orphans and abandoned children in 1928 by Pope Pius XI."

So today I lift up a prayer to Saint Jerome to keep our children safe while they wait for us. To help the officials sort out the dossiers in a more timely matter and for a quick resolution to all of our cases. And also for Saint Jerome to keep those in his arms who will be left behind.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Come Home Soon

Dearest friends,

Today I am writing with a very special and heartfelt wish. As most of you know for the last eight months my family and I have been waiting to bring home Noodle from the only home she has ever known. This journey has been long and unfortunately not over yet. However we believe we are closer now then we ever have been. We are not alone in this. What some of you do not know is that Noodle is only one of over 60 children who have been waiting in orphanages for the restructuring of International Adoptions. We have done everything we can do, contacted some very important people in high places. Our government is doing all they can to advocate for us as families and for the children waiting. What is left? The power of numbers! The power of prayer, good thoughts, mojo, juju. Whatever it is that you believe in. My personal choice PRAYERS..... God has the ability to move mountains. In his time we know all the kids will come home. We have spent months sending up our prayers to God, saints and guardian angels. Now we would like our friends, and our friends friends, and friends friends friends to join us as we pray that we are coming into the home stretch. That our children will be in our arms soon. We also pray for the children who will be left behind, those who are advocating for their welfare, and for those hoping to make their lives better. I have become involved with many of those who are making a difference in the lives of the people of Kyrgyzstan. Anyone interested in more information about that can email me privately or visit my blog. Thank you to everyone in advance. We need the Power to move mountains on our side.

Ann and Brian

Come Home Soon

On this side of the ocean
Many families wait

Our children unbeknownst to them
Have Mom's and Dad's and friends

We love them, miss them
want them home

The wait has been eternal
But we know the day will come

They will be reunited
And will never ever again be alone!!!

Ann B
Feb 7th 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A weekend of HOPE

Pleased to finally meet Emma, Bekkah, Julie and John Wright

Ok so where to begin. I just don't think any words can summarize everything that happened this last weekend. I have been at a loss for words over the incredible and fabulous people I was able to meet this last weekend. First I was reunited with my Bishkek Baby Bash / travel partner. Can you believe it? She flew all the way in from Sunny California to a weekend in the snowy frozen tundra of Cincinnatti Ohio. But I know she loved it as we spent a long time capturing the beauty of the snow and ice.

Our Drive from Columbus to Cincinnati

Weekend of HOPE started out as the Wright family planning a visit with the Schoolers (David and Jayne) The weekend evolved from there into a get together from all over the country and Canada. From California to Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ontario Canada. We were united under the Schooler's roof. When I walked in and met Hilary, Tim and Anara I said " I feel like I already know them!!!" That sentiment was echoed so many times throughout the weekend. We are all so connected through email and blog sites that we felt extremely comfortable from the minute we met. Much like meeting an old friend. David and Jayne could not get over the fact that many of us had never met before and here we were all gathered in their house. On Saturday, Jayne was hostess to at least 40 people. What a wonderful turnout. The luncheon lasted much of the afternoon which gave us all the opportunity to mingle and meet almost everyone there. I had an awesome conversation with a man who has been doing work in Kenya for over 22 years. Two years ago he was paralyzed in a car accident in Kenya and survived. Not only did he learn to walk again, he is on his way back to Kenya in March! Nic and I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Jayne Schooler and Ruby and Lynn Johnston of Lamb International and our conversation was joined by Julie and John Wright. We were given the "Soup and Soap", down and dirty about how these families all have met and how they all work with each other to help the countries of Central Asia and Ukraine. What an incredible group of people. Did I say that already??? I believe I have.

The next portion of this trip was to attend the conferences and informational meetings put on by John, Jayne, Ruby, Lynne. They outlined the work of Possibilities International, Lamb International and ActofKindness. (if you have not already checked out these sites at the end of this post I am going to link to them ) They all did a great job in pulling off their first ever get together of this kind. I can't wait to see what a second event of this type will lead to.

John speaking ate an Evening of HOPE watching are , Ruby, Lynn, David and Jane

IAM1RU..... awesome and loving this!!!

John and Jayne

Lynn and Ruby Johnston

Nicole with David and Jayne Schooler

The Wright family with Nicole and I

And last but not least I must tell of the children that Nic and I met while we were there this weekend. Beautiful children each and every one of them. All with a story of their own, All with wonderful families who are so proud to have them in their lives. I am glad I have been given the opportunity to be a part of this circle of people and can't wait to be amongst the ones who have their children with them here in the States. Miss Noodle certainly has a lot to look forward to. Traveling the country to keep up with her Brothers and Sisters from Kyrgyzstan may end up to be a full time job.
Anara is trying to decide which Tart tastes BEST...

Julie could not wait to get Anara on her lap!!!

The proud Mom's to Kyrgyz Kids

Kyrgyz Kids plus Yasmine

Andrew and his loving sisters... That or they just want his cookie!

Matthew Hilary and Anara

David and Andrew


Kaleb really.. I mean really liked the camera And this was as good as it gets for a photo of 4 toddlers with John!!!

OK so if you liked this post... check out the links to my fellow bloggers Hilary and Kim... They have also posted about this weekend's events
And for more information about John and Possibilities International and their affiliation with Lamb International
I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg to what the weekend events were.. But I hope that told the story.....