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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A call out for help!

I am hesitant to get into a lot of details here. But I will give it a shot and try to stay as open as I think I can. Maybe I will change my mind and be even more open and change this post. My mind is mush. Anyway to the point. On Wednesday morning those of us who are matched with referrals from The Kyrgyz republic were invited to an open conference call to discuss adoptions in Kyrgyzstan and plans. Before anyone asks..... There was no resolution and not really any news offered that we have not already heard. I came away from this call probably more sad then going into it. But the issue that just kept coming up from the parties involved to those running the show was " What can we do to help." " We need to be advocates for not only our kids but for all the kids in orphanages waiting" I think after the third or fourth time this question was asked the girl running part of the show had a bit of an answer for us. Now she could not say it will or will not work. But it was a brainstorm and she put it out there. Possibly, Just maybe, we could appliy to all our families who are already home from Kyrgyzstan to write letters and send photos to high ranking officials in Bishkek. Hold on there is another catch.... These Kyrgyz officials don't speak English. So here is our call out for help... I know there are several Adoptive parents who read my blog.... If we can spread the word... Anyone who could write letters and somehow get them translated and would be willing to send them out on behalf of those of us waiting we would appreciate it. Ok so where to send letters? We have to work on that. I think we are either going to try and compose a list. Anyone interested just get in touch with any of us waiting!!!


The Stahnke's said...

Just an idea but you can go on line and there are programs where you can type something in English and it will translate it to Russian. I did this for the letters I gave to the care workers, and also the disposable camera instructions that I mailed them. They actually took the pictures and used the flash, so maybe my instructions that I translated to Russian worked. I'm willing to do whatever I can to help get these kids home. Let me know if I can help.

Hilary Marquis said...

Just tell me what you need :)

Anonymous said...

Check out Cindy LaJoy's Blog at She is helping JCICS collect stories. I also emailed JCICS and they said that they were collecting stories but hadn't figured out how to pay for the translation yet. They said that if I wanted to help cover the cost I could donate to their Global Awareness Campaign, which would cover some of the cost of putting the stories together. I'm planning on making a small donation tomorrow to help the effort.

Ann said...

As soon as I get the OK from Cindy I will be updating this post! Adding a link to her site and will certainly plug for a donation to the global awareness campaign. As well as another site to donate to as a thank you for Cindy's time!