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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Cross Post From Cindy/ And an update on A Call for Help

The following is a cross post from Cindy LaJoy. This comes from both her blog and from her post on our message group. It is also a follow up post to A call for help. Those of us waiting knew we waanted to do something but had no idea how to go about collecting photos and stories! Well Cindy was all over it and on top of the situation. She talked directly to Joint Council for International Children's Services (JCICS) yesterday and they came up with a plan! Contact Cindy if you are interested in helping. JCICS does not have the translation and costs for this project in this years budget. The link for their donation site is here There is a comment section to indicate that you want your donation to be given right to the costs for this project. If you decide to donate please make sure to fill out that your donation is for the costs of the Kyrgyzstan letter writing campaign!

Also I will not miss an opprtunity here.. Cindy has taken on this project and I am sure it will take much of her time. So maybe we can take the opportunity as a thank you for Cindy's time to donate to Simple Dreams!!! On behalf of the LaJoy family!!

**********************Cindy's Post******************

Hi Everyone!

I had a conversation with Rebecca Harris at The Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCICS) today regarding the situation with Kyrgyzstan adoptions. They would like to present the Kyrgyz officials with information about Kyrgyz children who have already been adopted in the hopes that seeing the positive outcomes will help them better understand the need to continue to allow adoptions. This has NOT been requested by any Kyrgyz officials, but is in an effort to educate them about the conditions of a child post-adoption.

Here is the request as per JCICS:

Following the conference call with the Dept of State and prospective adoptive parents with referrals from Kyrgyzstan, Joint Council has initiated a call for Kyrgyz adoptee stories. This will be a part of Joint Council's continued Global Awareness Campaign which aims to show the plight of children in need and the successes of children who have been placed in permanent care. If a family has adopted from Kyrgyzstan and would like to share their story as part of the Campaign they should send their story to Cindy LaJoy at Cindy is an adoptive mother of three children, one of who was adopted from Kyrgyzstan. The stories can be a maximum of 250 words and must have photos included. Families will need to submit an electronic release of information with their story. A copy of Joint Council's release is attached for you to distribute to families. Stories must be submitted to Cindy by Monday, February 23rd. Joint Council would like to thank Cindy for the donation of her time for this Campaign.

Two examples of stories in the required format are attached. Please note that these stories were submitted as part of a similar Campaign for Russia.
============ ========= ========= ======
I am going to ask that anyone willing to do this email me and I will send the aforementioned samples and the electronic release for you to complete.

While I know that once we get our children home it is easy to just throw up our hands and not care what happens afterwards, but there are over 60 children right now currently waiting for their families to complete their adoptions. This includes a family that lives near us as well as the family waiting for Kenny's buddy to come home. PLEASE, if you have completed an adoption, take the 10 minutes it will require to do this and email it to me so I can compile them all. The lives of a lot of children may count on it, and your happy ending should be allowed for them as well.

If you know someone who is not a member of this list but has completed an adoption from Kyrg, please feel free to forward this email to them and ask if they would consider doing this. If anyone would like to speak with me further about this, email me or request my phone number and I will gladly speak with you on the phone about it as well. However, I know nothing more than any of you do about the status of your waiting children, so if you call to speak to me specifically about that you will be disappointed. All I am doing is volunteering to do what I can to help, but am not "in the know" on anything.
Thanks so much,
Cindy LaJoy
Group Moderator


Monica said...

Thx Ann for your suggestion of donating to John's Simple Dreams in appreciation of Cindy's hard work! I love that idea and just made a donation.
Best wishes to you!!!

Ann said...

Thanks Monica Thats Awesome!!

Cindy LaJoy said...

Ann...Thank You!!! No thanks to me is necessary but I am thrilled with your thoughtful gesture. I only hope our efforts can bring some kids home.