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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saint Jerome Emiliani

In the Catholic church saints are celebrated. Each has his or her own feast day. I am not professing my loyalty to any one religion here as I have been far from practicing in a church for a long time. That does not say I have not had some amazing and trippin moments over the last 8 months and in particular the last two. (winks to N here). Basically my relationship with religion has been nondenominational for years. But anyway since I spent 10 years in CCD classes I know a bit about Catholocism. I do believe in Angels, Guardian Angels and Saints!

Saint Jerome Emiliani is the Patron Saint of orphans and abandoned people. February 8 is considered the feast day for Saint Jerome. I found this quite interesting. Saint Jerome is said to have been quite a "dissololute youth. He ran away from home at 15. Joined the Venice army and was captured and kept as a prisoner. He prayed to Mary and was said to have been freed by her apparition. He then pledged his life to the church. But spent most of his time helping orphans. He started 6 orphanages the first in his own house. Saint Jerome died on February 8, 1537 and was
"declared the patron of orphans and abandoned children in 1928 by Pope Pius XI."

So today I lift up a prayer to Saint Jerome to keep our children safe while they wait for us. To help the officials sort out the dossiers in a more timely matter and for a quick resolution to all of our cases. And also for Saint Jerome to keep those in his arms who will be left behind.


Michelle said...

Joseph didn't sell my house...but I am willing to keep my hopes up that St Jerome can get our kids home!

Monica said...

Thanks for the education... I know nothing about saints but i LOVE history so that was quite interesting to read. I hope St. Jerome can help us get things moving again in Kyrgyzstan.

Drew and Rita said...

How interesting. While in Ukraine we tried to get a picture of a Catholic saint at a Ukrainian Orthodox Church. A friend of mine is Catholic had has an affection for a particular saint. The monestary ladies had such fun with us trying to use our online translator to describe this saint to them. Alas, our efforts were in vain. We must have been trying to get the only saint that doesn't exist in both the Orthodox and Catholic church. :) Rita