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Monday, February 16, 2009

Today's Blog post Brought to you by the Letter "G"

G is for gookie is good enough for me... Ok that did not work, but I was having a Sesame Street Moment. I really have no idea where I am going to come up with 10 G words that I love. But gonna give it a shot. First the rules! I thought I would play along with this when I saaw it on Maria's Blog over at Contents of my Heart. I see my bestest Blog buddy is also playing along over at Hoping for Hannah. I am rambling in hopes of G words coming to mind....ANd its not working.

oh well give it a shot..... and if you are reading this you are tagged and if you want to play leave a comment and I will send you a letter for your own blog use.

1) GOD...... during the last 8 months I have had increased prayer communications with God. Over the last two months I have really had many many witnessed God moments. So without any other words needed my number 1 had to and has to be God.

2) Grandmother/Grandparents- Oh how I miss my grandparents. My Grammom has a birthday coming up. This will be the first year without an everybody's birthday party. We celebrated in February my nephew, my grammom and my bdays. So we would have an everybody's birthday party. Sigh. All my grandparents are sadly missed, however close to my heart and all I am sure are holding Miss Noodle close while I wait to return for her.

3) Goofy- ok so the obvious this may be my Mom's favorite by I am borrowing it and I can use this two fold. Goofy is my mom's favorite Disney Character. But goofy can also be me and Brian. We enjoy being goofy, having goofy conversations and just all around being silly.

4) Gems- I am not a big jewelry person but I do however love my birthstone which happens to be Amethyst! And I do LOVE my new blue topaz pendant keeping Miss Noodle close to my heart at all times.

5) Gifts- who doesn't love a gift both giving and receiving.... although I would have to say I would rather GIVE.

6) Goat cheese- I am stretching is now... but I do love feta cheese which in essence is goat cheese.

7) Garlic- another food but hey what can I say. Garlic I cook and use garlic on just about everything.

8) German Shepherd- I knew I could not get through this without somehow including my dogs! One of those dogs is our German Shepherd Hannah. Hannah came to us as a nine month old puppy. She was dropped off on our front porch. Unfortunately our free dog then required open heart surgery, and as one could imagine free became thousands. She still bounces around our house like a puppy at three years old.

9) Grass- as soon as it gets warm enough (and sometimes when it is not) the feel of grass under my bare feet. During the late spring and early summer I am forever barefoot walking in the grass. I sure can't wait since its a bit too cold to walk outside now in bare feet.

10) another stretch but hey I work on this blog almost every single day so why not GEOGRAPHY- Geography was not my favorite subject in school. But over the last year and a half I have enjoyed learning about geography while traveling the world... Bishkek, Amsterdam, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Ohio, West Virginia, New York City. All places I have either been or have learned about during this wait for bringing home NOODLE.

Ok so that wasn't too bad. Maybe tonight I will try and set pictures to each word!!!

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

Ann - that is so funny I was totally having a Sesame Stret moment when I titled my post Brought to you by the letter M :-)
It's good to have something light to post isn't it?