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Friday, March 6, 2009

Fingers and Toes!

Wow, I have not entered anything for over a week! Actually I have not really had anything to post about. It has been a very uneventful week waiting for Noodle. No real news to tell. This does not mean things are not happening. On March 3. Joint Councel posted that they have had a meeting with the Kyrgyz government but they can not reveal yet what the conclusion of the meeting was. Hmm thats a bit odd EH? The post did say " they were pleased to announce that a meeting was held." so has to be at least a bit of good news or they would not be "pleased". But that is not really newsworthy.
So why the title of this post? First fingers.... Last Friday Brian and I had our fingerprints redone at the United States Customs and Immigration office. We decided to stay overnight in Philadelphia. Near where we did our first set of prints 16 months ago. When I went to plug the address into the GPS I made a startling discovery! The USCIS support center had moved to a new location. 45 minutes north of where we stayed. We discovered we could have driven straight down the turnpike and would never had been near Philly. Oh well, we spent a nice quiet night together. The woman who did my fingerprints decided she did not want to take the chance of my prints being rejected so she did my prints two ways. The new scanning way and the old fashioned messy ink way. I have had my prints done several times but this was the first time I had to get my hands dirty. Wow that ink is a mess. Good thing I did not get an itch at any time during the process there would have been black everywhere.
My toes story basically just is the purchase of 16 pairs of shoes for Miss Noodle's toes! Different sizes from 6-8. So hopefully she will be home before her toes do not fit them. Noodle's room is overflowing with attire for her from head to toe. Hats, and hairbands, dresses to jeans, denim to lace, socks and stockings, sandals and sneakers, boots and clogs. Attire for every occasion! Can't wait to see her in real clothing, and the real clothing on a real baby.


Shannon said...

Ummmm....can you say "shoe fettish"? They are all adorable and they definitely look big enough to fit her for a long time - hopefully she'll be able to get her tootsies into them very soon. You know, you are going to have to change her outfit about 4 times a day so she can wear all the cute stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE her new shoes!! Knowing her I know she is just going to LOVE trying on all her new clothes and shoes.

Lori said...

I'm a firm believer you can't start the love of shoes too early! Boys come and boys go, but ALWAYS have shoes...Never heard, "No significant other, no service..."'s no SHOES!


Paige said...

She will be so styling in her beautiful shoes!! Can't wait for her to come home to you so we can see them on her...