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Monday, March 30, 2009

A message from Blog Baby!

Our wait to bring our children has felt like eternity. But one thing that has made the wait much easier is the support from our fellow Kyrgyz adoptive families. Some of the families have children who are already home but continue to support for those of us waiting. I have followed blog baby (actually I must admit I not only follow but stalk!) since last June. I anxiously awaited her gotcha day. I love her Mamma's photos and her stories of growing up. Yesterday Ellie celebrated her 1st birthday. I knew that her Mamma was cooking some special events that included the children who are waiting to come home. But man I was not prepared for the absolutely wonderful tribute of events that happened over at Blog Baby's house yesterday. Maria you are so wonderful! I emailed Maria told her she must have wonderful time management skills. And asked for permission to cross post this beautiful tribute to those of us waiting. Hopefully Maria has stopped laughing by now (she thought I was pretty funny telling her she has great time management) Anyway without further words........

Feel free to go visit Ellie over at

P.S. one of my other blog buddies is having some surgery today, please pray that surgery goes well and recovery is swift.

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