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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Prayer requests

I have been quiet. There is nothing to write. No news. No updates. No new dates to pray on. March 20th has come and gone. Hopefully the adoption commission has completed and submitted their recomendations. No one knows if this has been done. The Parliment is on break.... Go figure. We have heard several different stories about when they are returning. Some have said they will come back and resume Parlimentary activities on March 26th, and some say April 1 (no foolin). I have stopped banking on "dates" that we will "hear" something. All that said we know nothing more now then we knew 30,60,90 days ago.

On to prayer requests...... A few weeks ago I got news from not one but two of my friends that they are dealing with some health problems. Both Cancer!! One my very dear friend from High School will be having surgery tomorrow morning. So tonight I like some of my other posts before am sending out prayer requests that her surgery goes well and she may have a fast and uncomplicated recovery. My other friend has found out she will also require surgery and then eventually radiation for her cancer. Hopefully she will not need chemotherapy, and the type of cancer it is usually is not malignant and usually does not metastisize.
So tonight prayers sent out for these two wonderful women in my life, and to 7000 miles away that maybe sometime soon news will be positive and not just quiet. And last but not least I send out my thoughts and prayers to friends who are currently in Kyrgyzstan doing awesome, wonderful, phenomenal work making a difference and touching one life at a time.

And to update..... remember several posts back? I put out a request for the man needing hand surgery?? HIS SURGERY HAS BEEN COMPLETELY SPONSORED!!! My heart skipped a beat today when I found this out. So to all those out there who are lending a helping hand.. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck, I hope the country's investigation of fraud adoptions doesn't effect you and the others that have been waiting so patiently.
For such a small country one tends to wonder why so many babies and children are being adopted out? I think the international attitude toward the US and the military closure have something to do with this. I guess they don't want US Foreign Aid.
So frustrating that these children are not ours until the court hearing and Visa interview.

Maria said...

When I read about his hand surgery sponsorhip, I knew that you had a part in it. What a blessing to him. We are going to have a special moment at E's birthday party on Sunday to pray for Parliament -- who might actually be meeting a bit later that day due to the time change -- and for the babies who are not home yet. Know that you all will be in our hearts and prayers.

Maria said...

Ann, email me at with "Miss Noodle's" name. We are making balloons with names to release and I wanted to put something other than "Noodle" *smile*. You probably have told me, but, the mind -- it WAS a terrible thing to waste.

Kimberly said...

Praying right along with you dear friend!