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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Something to Smile about

Well I certainly do not have any news to smile about adoption wise. I can however report that my dear friend came through surgery well. I will hopefully be visiting her tomorrow afternoon. I have been pretty upside down lately. No news. None at all. We are all awaiting the day when just a smidgeon of good news can be sent our way. But for today a smile has lifted my day and given me reason to continue on. Our dear Noodle sporting a smile! These photos are again bittersweet, always appreciated and always a surprise as we never know what to expect. I see my wee one happy, but for every month there I see months fading and developmental milestones falling further and further behind. Dear Noodle I hope I can see you soon. Much love to you and keep smiling.


Kimberly said...

Sweet little Noodle - what a wonderful smile! I hear ya - it is bittersweet - but let's say no to fear, God can redeem even this time in the BBH! I am confident she will catch up!

Christina said...

What a wonderful picture and such a sweet smile. I know how these pictures can be so great yet feel like salt on a wound because our babies are growing up without us. Keeping you and Noodle in my thoughts and prayers.

Shannon said...

Great news about your friend and what an adorable (half) picture of Miss Noodle! She looks wonderful. Just wait until you get to wake up to that infectious smile EVERY single day! :)

Lori said...

So glad your friend made it through ok...and that you were able to see your little one's smile, even if from not where you wish she was. Still and always, you all who are waiting are in thoughts and prayers!

Shelley and Brian said...

Gotta love those smiley pictures! I hear you on the bittersweet note. I so love to know they are happy but it makes my heart yearn even harder to get them home!
I too am positive they will catch up.