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Monday, May 4, 2009

One Year Ago

I have been Ochen quiet lately. My life has been truly changed over the course of this last year. One year ago on April 28th my plans were changed for me. At the time I was all ahead forward waiting a travel date from Ukraine. Paperwork filed, translater hired. Then the government decided to change the way the game was played. Starting to sound like a recurring theme? So I had to make choices. At the time I thought those were the hardest two weeks we were going to have to deal with. The loss of one country and choosing a new road to follow. Well I did not wait long... my road was chosen for me. A sweet little girl looked out at me from my computer desktop in the middle of the night at work. That night noodle was born into my heart. I had some moments of uncertainty those first few weeks. But soon thereafter I was boarding a plane to a country I had never even heard of before. I could not spell K-Y-R-G-Y-Z-S-T-A-N. Now look how far I have come. Several trips to this far off country. I can not only spell Kyrgyzstan but I can point to many of the northern cities on the map and can spell them too!!! But not only have we been found by the little girl who will eventually be our daughter, I have also not counted on extending my family with the addition of friends from all over the United States, Canada, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Thank you Thank you Thank you to each and every one of you who have been a part of this year!
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Kimberly said...

Happy one year in this adoption journey! May it be the last anniversary of the waiting part! It will be way more fun to celebrate gotcha days!

Shannon said...

Gosh - a whole year! I remember that photo well. She has grown a lot and so have you. Hopefully you will be celebrating Gotcha Day very soon.

Lori said...

Hoping the waiting part ends very soon and the making memories together part begins!!!

Pamela said...

It's been a crazy run, Ann. And I couldn't agree with you more about the people I've met along the way. You are one of those people that has made my journey seem more bearable.

Karen D said...

Hi Ann,
I was just thinking about you today and wanted to wish you a happy Mother's Day. I hope the Krygyz government FIGURES OUT WHERE LITTLE S'S MOM IS some time soon!
Karen and family