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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ripley (tissue warning for those who are pet lovers)

To my Dear Ripley dog,
I love you and I already miss you immensly. My heart bleeds every moment since you have been gone. Your life was such an pleasure. You gave me nine years of unconditional love. I want to thank you for your life, thank you for your smiles. But I also want to tell you I am sorry. So many times in life humans seem to be... well too human... We have our faults and our downfalls. I feel in many ways I have failed. I was gone too often, I did not see when you started to hurt, I was too late and we humans could not figure out what to do to keep you with us in the physical state for longer. I will always second guess my decisions, I will feel pain over this. But I will seek peace in knowing I did what I felt like was the best possible thing in the end. I held you close to me. You left our world surrounded by your friends, and I hope that you were not scared. My hope for you know is that you are united with your two sons and Dodger, Rusty, Brandie and Boo. There will be others with you that you have never met as they have come and gone before you, but they will wait with you at the rainbow bridge until it is our time to be united. Until that time I will never forget you. You will live in my heart every one of my waking moments and my asleep moments also.
I have cried a day full and a river full of tears. You left unexpectantly. Somewhere in Heaven god must have needed a really good Dog.
But today I celebrate 9 years of wonderful memories. You came into my life and provided so much joy. You were the happiest dog I have ever known. The only time you were not happy was when you saw me getting ready for work. You lived every day to be by our side. It did not matter what we were doing as long as we were together. Your favorite words were " do you want to go see George?" and " lets go play frisbee!" I knew you were sick when you no longer wanted to chase the frisbee. I sure hope there are tons of them and someone to throw it for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Every time I throw a frisbee for Sabyr, Hannah and Kasey I will throw one for you too! You played agility with me because it made me happy. And we had many wonderful runs. Last year you told me you were done. For the most part I listened. You stopped being happy at jumping. And for that I only wish I would have pursued trying to figure out why. Perhaps we could have changed this outcome, but we will never know. It is a human flaw I guess. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts oh what a life this would be. That isn't quite the saying it is supposed to be but it fits better for the moment. We live our lives sometimes looking backwards. The last 24 hours has been full of If's and But's for me.
Ripley.... thank you for your smiles, for your tail wag (one speed all the time, and always swooshing to the right), for your chewbacca howl everytime you greeted me, for your willingness to wave hello at any given moment, thank you for giving many people such pleasure of knowing one of God's wonderful creatures, thank you for leaving with us 11 wonderful puppies who still live on in our lives, thank you for Ryott (I will cherish him as he is a lasting part of you) thank you for giving Brian and I 9 years of unconditional love. I hope you know you were loved, I hope you were as happy as you always appeared. To our Ripley dog we love you.... You will be sadly missed in our life and in many others. You were well known and touched many lives. I am grateful we were able to spend one last wonderful week together enjoying Camp. One week that was all for you and Kasey and Tressa. I am not sure how or even if I will be able to do Camp Gone to the Dogs without you. It was your favorite week of the year for 6 of your 9 years.
Chase frisbees hard my friend, I will never ever forget you.
June 8, 2000 - June 22, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Radio Free Europe

Briefly..... There are many many articles such as this one flying around in hyperspace and in print all over the world. We have made HUGE news!!! We are 65 and very proud to be in that number, although wish the reason was a bit different.
Kyrgyz Orphans Awaiting Decision To Join U.S. Parents

June 17, 2009 BISHKEK -- Sixty-five children with special needs are waiting in Kyrgyz orphanages for a court order that would allow them to be adopted by U.S. couples, RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service reports.Kyrgyz parliament deputy Gulnara Derbisheva said on June 16 that although all the necessary procedures have been completed, a final decision allowing the children to be adopted must be made by the court.Kyrgyzstan announced a moratorium on international adoptions several years ago due to a lack of proper legislation.Despite the moratorium, 27 Kyrgyz orphans were reportedly adopted by American couples in 2007 after going through court procedures.There are seven U.S. adoption companies operating in Kyrgyzstan.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Backwards Catch Up...

The last few weeks have totally been a blur of emotions, excitement and of course relaxation. This post is more about the relaxation piece of the last two weeks. I will do D.C. in yet another post after I compile all the different files from all the different places.

Camp Gone To The Dogs

The name truly does say it all. A week long excursion with three of my pooches in beautiful Vermont. For 1 week every year for the last 6 years I have spent a wonderfully relaxing stay with friends that I see only once a year, my dogs and my home away from home Whttemore house. We were introduced to CGTTD's by our dog class instructor/owner George. We were immediately hooked and I just can't imagine not going. This year my four legged roommates were Kasey, Ripley and Tressa. Two Border Collies and my powderpuff Chinese Crested. We were also joined by our two legged house mates Ann, Betty, and Sheri. Each with pooches of their own. Bringing the total to 6 dogs in the house on a regular basis. Then the visitors arrive and on one evening we have 9 pooches all playing and rambling around our humble abode. The amazing thing is they all got along. No grumbles no complaints just tails waggin. Our activites for the week range from agility, to frisbee, sheep herding to dog swimming in the nearby pond, lure coursing to the grand finale of "I want to Be A Star" Staring KAsy and Tressa and our fellow house mate's dog Jax. eventually I will figure out how to format the video and I will post it here. Another of our favorite activites (for the people that is) is the food. We get two (three if you get up earlier enough to partake in Breakfast) wonderful meals a day. And we get to spend time with 200 other dog people all here just for the love of our four legged faithful companions.

After our week was over we headed to Shannon's (by way of the Cheese House yum) (oh and BTW Vermont was open this week. For those who remember back to a post in January.... Vermont was closed on Tuesday back then) The dogs and I spent three days with Shannon and Aaron, Adam and Eli on their farm in upstate NY. They run a horse rescue there. Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary. 25 acres of
rolling NY hillside. another relaxing three days. The Highlight of the trip is our quick visit to The Saratoga Racing Museum. They are running a very nice display featuring two rescue horses that live and have lived at Double L Stable Dawn and Willie. (more about this on the actual Double L blog) But even more personally some of the photographs from the digital display are taken by yours truly. Very exciting. Well after the race museum Shannon and I head to our favorite place to eat. Putnum Market and for dessert Cold Stone Ice Cream in downtown Saratoga. While we eat our ice cream we take a stroll through the beautiful Congress park. My favorite stop here is the fountains featuring Spit and Spat two Triton looking statues holding seashells apparently spueing water at each other. Of course who could resist the opportunity to throw coins into the fountain for wishes! Well after three days + 7 I am ready to go back home. So of we head for our 6 hour trip. We arrive home to lightning striking some of our electrical equipment and the farrier trimming the horses feet, humidity, rain, and at 6am the following morning the horses loose in the neighbor's yard. AAA yes no sleep for the weary, we are home in full swing. BAck to cell phones, and internet, work, work and more work.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Year ago

One year ago I was returning from a very emotional first trip to meet Miss Noodle. This year has been filled with incredible emotions, and amazing opportunities. Last year at this time my world was turned upside down by a tiny little girl with big brown eyes. I did not imagine that one year later she would still not be here permanently in our arms with our friends and family. For now we continue to pray and wait and wait and wait. But over the last year I have had several jaunts across the world! Met many amazing people and have expanded my circle of family and friends to include folks from all over the world. While I am sad that we continue to wait, I am not not sad for the year of opportunity that waiting has given me. The single most important would be that over this last year I have seen God at work over and over and over. I may question why we wait. And I continue to be answered with another friend or another experience being given to me. Friends and experiences that had this road been short, and Miss Noodle have been home here already, I would never have experienced. I certainly will have many many tales to tell my beautiful brown eyed girl once she is old enough. So to all of you out there in blog world and those not in blog world my friends new and old, and my family new and old, who are waiting with us and the other 64 families.. I want to just say I am thankful that I am on this journey with all of you together. I would love to list everyone by name! However I would be so afraid to miss someone...... So if you are reading this you know you are one of those folks I am thanking! And to Miss Noodle and the other 64 + children waiting know that you are loved already. We are collectively doing absulutely everything we can do to get you home.