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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Backwards Catch Up...

The last few weeks have totally been a blur of emotions, excitement and of course relaxation. This post is more about the relaxation piece of the last two weeks. I will do D.C. in yet another post after I compile all the different files from all the different places.

Camp Gone To The Dogs

The name truly does say it all. A week long excursion with three of my pooches in beautiful Vermont. For 1 week every year for the last 6 years I have spent a wonderfully relaxing stay with friends that I see only once a year, my dogs and my home away from home Whttemore house. We were introduced to CGTTD's by our dog class instructor/owner George. We were immediately hooked and I just can't imagine not going. This year my four legged roommates were Kasey, Ripley and Tressa. Two Border Collies and my powderpuff Chinese Crested. We were also joined by our two legged house mates Ann, Betty, and Sheri. Each with pooches of their own. Bringing the total to 6 dogs in the house on a regular basis. Then the visitors arrive and on one evening we have 9 pooches all playing and rambling around our humble abode. The amazing thing is they all got along. No grumbles no complaints just tails waggin. Our activites for the week range from agility, to frisbee, sheep herding to dog swimming in the nearby pond, lure coursing to the grand finale of "I want to Be A Star" Staring KAsy and Tressa and our fellow house mate's dog Jax. eventually I will figure out how to format the video and I will post it here. Another of our favorite activites (for the people that is) is the food. We get two (three if you get up earlier enough to partake in Breakfast) wonderful meals a day. And we get to spend time with 200 other dog people all here just for the love of our four legged faithful companions.

After our week was over we headed to Shannon's (by way of the Cheese House yum) (oh and BTW Vermont was open this week. For those who remember back to a post in January.... Vermont was closed on Tuesday back then) The dogs and I spent three days with Shannon and Aaron, Adam and Eli on their farm in upstate NY. They run a horse rescue there. Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary. 25 acres of
rolling NY hillside. another relaxing three days. The Highlight of the trip is our quick visit to The Saratoga Racing Museum. They are running a very nice display featuring two rescue horses that live and have lived at Double L Stable Dawn and Willie. (more about this on the actual Double L blog) But even more personally some of the photographs from the digital display are taken by yours truly. Very exciting. Well after the race museum Shannon and I head to our favorite place to eat. Putnum Market and for dessert Cold Stone Ice Cream in downtown Saratoga. While we eat our ice cream we take a stroll through the beautiful Congress park. My favorite stop here is the fountains featuring Spit and Spat two Triton looking statues holding seashells apparently spueing water at each other. Of course who could resist the opportunity to throw coins into the fountain for wishes! Well after three days + 7 I am ready to go back home. So of we head for our 6 hour trip. We arrive home to lightning striking some of our electrical equipment and the farrier trimming the horses feet, humidity, rain, and at 6am the following morning the horses loose in the neighbor's yard. AAA yes no sleep for the weary, we are home in full swing. BAck to cell phones, and internet, work, work and more work.

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Kimberly said...

Looks like an amazing trip! What beautiful pictures! Glad you are back safe and sound! Hope you feel rested and refreshed.