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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Year ago

One year ago I was returning from a very emotional first trip to meet Miss Noodle. This year has been filled with incredible emotions, and amazing opportunities. Last year at this time my world was turned upside down by a tiny little girl with big brown eyes. I did not imagine that one year later she would still not be here permanently in our arms with our friends and family. For now we continue to pray and wait and wait and wait. But over the last year I have had several jaunts across the world! Met many amazing people and have expanded my circle of family and friends to include folks from all over the world. While I am sad that we continue to wait, I am not not sad for the year of opportunity that waiting has given me. The single most important would be that over this last year I have seen God at work over and over and over. I may question why we wait. And I continue to be answered with another friend or another experience being given to me. Friends and experiences that had this road been short, and Miss Noodle have been home here already, I would never have experienced. I certainly will have many many tales to tell my beautiful brown eyed girl once she is old enough. So to all of you out there in blog world and those not in blog world my friends new and old, and my family new and old, who are waiting with us and the other 64 families.. I want to just say I am thankful that I am on this journey with all of you together. I would love to list everyone by name! However I would be so afraid to miss someone...... So if you are reading this you know you are one of those folks I am thanking! And to Miss Noodle and the other 64 + children waiting know that you are loved already. We are collectively doing absulutely everything we can do to get you home.


Shelley and Brian said...

So very true. There always does seem to be some sort of light in every situation. Hopefully it won't be much longer.

Maria said...

Oh Ann -- a year!! Well, I for one am SO glad to call you my friend and that I've been blessed to be able to pray for you and Miss Noodle and all the other families who are waiting to be reunited. I don't know the reasons either, but I know that God is faithful to keep His promises and that these children WILL come home.