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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Post Op Day 4

Yikes... Well four days later I can at least explain a bit better what happened. Prior to last Friday I had about one week of a mild and annoying stomach ache. Which I did not think too much about, but when said stomach ache was not going away and the doubled me over on Friday when I jumped out of bed. I figured it was time to get it checked out. So off to my family doc... then to the Cat Scan Department. From CT scan I was not even allowed to get my cell phone from my car!!! The nerve! I wasn't even allowed to walk to the Emergency Department! Again the nerve! I had driven myself to the hospital. Within 20 minutes I had seen the surgeon, the anesthesiologist. After an IV and a bracelet mix up I was in the Operating room less then 5 hours after waking up. Post op my surgeon says he can not believe I was not sicker then I was. I did not have a straight forward apendicitis. My apendix had been "leaking" for some time which caused a nice whole to be formed in my large intestine!!! So my common laproscopic appendectomy became a full laparotomy with a section of my large intestine being removed! So now at day four post op I am finally on the up swing. Battling pain and just today was allowed to start eating again. So... I am on an unintentional diet and a 4 week unplanned vacation from work. Guess that is the bright side. Many thanks to all here and on facebook for all the well wishes. I will eventually try and get an email back to everyone!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Appendectomy... yikes

Ok this is short. will tell the whole story later when not on drugs
but I am 6 hours post op emergency appendectomy!!!!! GOOD DRUGS ARE MAKING ME SLEEPY. Good night blog buddies!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Prayer Cards

So this last month has been probably the most quiet month as far as adoption news is concerned. The words "nothings happening" are pretty fitting here. We have heard nothing. Our friends at JCISCS keep saying they are working on "things" but they have nothing concrete to report. The delegates who visited here in May have worked hard to make a positive move towards International Adoptions. They have held press conferences and met with their government and parliment. But still the most important thing is there is no forward progress towards signing paperwork or agreements or news yadda yadda yadda....

On the home front though the prayers continue. Tami Snowden (one of the original adoptive mothers and pioneer of Kyrgyz adoptions) spoke at a prayer service where our 65 were the main focus of the prayers. Several of the 65 sent photos, stories and prayers to Tami. Kimberly over at Hoping for Hannah ( attended the service. She told me it was wonderful. Man I wish we lived closer! Well this week we received prayer cards from the folks who attended the meeting. I couldn't wait to rip open the cards and read the notes from those who had attended. To all those who too the time to write and even draw pictures, Noodle and Brian and I say thank you!!! It means so much to know we are not alone in our prayers to bring these kids into our homes. Below are some of the excerpts from the cards.

Saidii- We pray thatthe pride and whatever else hinders them be lifted to allow you and others to adopt these children and give them a better chance in life

Jordan- Children are a gift from the Lord. HE won't fail you. Be strong in the Lord. He answers prayers and He will give you hope.

The K family- Be encouraged, His arm is not too short to save. Nothing is too difficult for Him. "Wait on the Lord and do good. So shalt thou dwell in the land and verily thou shalt be fed"

Amy- Remain strong in the Lord! We have faith that He can move mountains to bring your Noodle home to you. In the meantime I ask that your hearts would be closely knit together while you are apart.

Todd, Lisa, Emma, Tessa, onnor, Maddisen, & Isabelle- "Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles!

Joanne- Remember that with God All Things are possible

Diane- I will be praying for this situation, that things change so that you can be together.

Abbey (age 7) - Waiting can be so hard, but remember, God NEVER sleeps. He's ALWAYS working for His children.

Anna - I pray that you stay strong through the paperwork.

We in our group prayed that God would overcome the schemes of Satan and to thwart entire governments so that HIS willcould be done.

Tami and Tabi- We are praying for you and Miss Noodle!!!!!

There were a few more and I thank them also.. Jerrod, Lauren, and the children who drew pictures!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Russian Lessons, Prayer Cards, agility instructors and Swim meets!

Oy now how can all those things be related to one post? Hmm well they are not all interrelated really, they just all happened to be part of my last few days. My last post sort of sums up my state of mind over the last few weeks. Sad... I still miss my handsome Ripley dog endlessly. But I have gone hrough the grief process, and I can finally look at photos without crying. Some days I still can't believe he is not here..... But anyway like I said I have moved through the stages of grief, and I am trying to revamp my world.

Last week I started formally taking Russian Lessons!!! Yeah! I have a semi-private lesson every Thursday evening. My fellow russian student is one of my neighbors. (We'll call him Q because I do not have permission to post his name) I have known Q and his twin brother C since they were born. I worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where they stayed for several weeks. I did not stay in contact with them and their parents. But eight years ago we moved to our current house. Our first meeting with Q and C's parents went something like this... " Wait a second we know you!!! You were a nurse in the NICU when we had the boys!!" Why yes... yes I was and I remembered them well. Goes to show you just how small this tiny world is that we live in. And now 14 years later I am in Russian classes with Q! Lets just say Q can run circles around my Russian skills. But I am studying hard and I hope to at the very least keep up with him. Our instructor comes to us!! And guess what??? She is originally from Kyrgyzstan. Again... small world. So last night I felt like I was in 1st grade again. (and after this post I will go back to my studying) I was very busy and studiciously writing my Cyrillic letters each 10 times so I can memorize them. We jumped right in last week. And I need to be able to read a bit better this week.

Next topic-- hmm you know what I am going to post this as its own topic... After I finish some studying.. It is too important to be smuggled in here between the Russian and the agility.

I am proud to report as my third topic of this post, that I have started to help teach agility lessons with my agility instructor. I went out last week to help her. We had a blast. My dream job would be to raise and train dogs for a living. Anyone want to invest???!!!!

On to swim meets. As a kid, my brother and I swam all Summer long. Once I hit Junior High I started swimming on the Winter team as well. I swam all through high school. Long distnace freestyle! Boy could not do that if I tried right now.... But I am wandering. My niece has started swimming! She has been swimming on the team for a few weeks now and her strokes are greatly improved in one month. Last night I went to her swim meet. wow blasting back to the past. The memories were golden. She swam at one of the pools we used to swim at. My brother and I sat and reminisced about the summers at the differnt pools. Hopefully I will get a photo posted here soon of her. (I forgot my card at home tonight)

Well thats what is what in my world right now. Trying to stay busy... Stay patient and stay focused on life. Patience, Patience, Patience...