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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Post Op Day 4

Yikes... Well four days later I can at least explain a bit better what happened. Prior to last Friday I had about one week of a mild and annoying stomach ache. Which I did not think too much about, but when said stomach ache was not going away and the doubled me over on Friday when I jumped out of bed. I figured it was time to get it checked out. So off to my family doc... then to the Cat Scan Department. From CT scan I was not even allowed to get my cell phone from my car!!! The nerve! I wasn't even allowed to walk to the Emergency Department! Again the nerve! I had driven myself to the hospital. Within 20 minutes I had seen the surgeon, the anesthesiologist. After an IV and a bracelet mix up I was in the Operating room less then 5 hours after waking up. Post op my surgeon says he can not believe I was not sicker then I was. I did not have a straight forward apendicitis. My apendix had been "leaking" for some time which caused a nice whole to be formed in my large intestine!!! So my common laproscopic appendectomy became a full laparotomy with a section of my large intestine being removed! So now at day four post op I am finally on the up swing. Battling pain and just today was allowed to start eating again. So... I am on an unintentional diet and a 4 week unplanned vacation from work. Guess that is the bright side. Many thanks to all here and on facebook for all the well wishes. I will eventually try and get an email back to everyone!



Matt and Pam Bean said...

Yikes, girlie!!! I am praying for you and I am so glad that you can relax during this time. Concentrate on healing and get better so that you can go get the Little Miss.

Lori said...

Good grief!!!! SO glad you are up and feeling a bit better and it wasn't more serious! You must have one heck of a pain threshhold!!!! Take it easy and I'm definitely praying for you!!!