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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Going for a blog record

Well I think I am up to like 7 different blogs that I am maintaining right now. Not that I am doing a great job at keeping any of them except this one up to date. Well as if I had nothing else to do I started yet another. Ok so maybe I am copycatting. But I have been asked many times over to see some of my photos. My longest running hobby is taking photos! I got my first camera as a prize for selling candy when I was five years old. I eventually will try to get some of those old photos scanned. I have done many weddings, action, kids, etc. over the years. One of my friends from 7000 miles away asked me to put photos online. So tonight I have started. Just a start... I'll try to get more up soon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Trades/Craigslist/and a cool idea anyone want to do this also?

A few months ago I was watching TV. A show came on about a man who started out with a paperclip and traded his way to some big stuff! Hmm, "I thought to myself" I wondered if this could work.... So I tried. A few weeks ago I posted an ad on Craigslitst ( I am addicted you see) I had a hot pink frisbee that my dog had won at a toss and fetch competition and would anyone want to trade for a good cause.. (I'll get to that in a bit) Anyway.... Just a few days later I was the proud owner of a golf club! So I listed the golf club...... and waited, and reposted... and waited.. well I am now the the owner of a Zeiss Contaflex camera circa 1957!! ( and the golf club) I made my golf club swap this morning. The owner of the camera promtly said " I own a golf course in North Carolina. I have about 50 cameras sitting around my house. This golf club will do me no good, please take it back and relist it for your cause!!! Yikes!!! serious??? I was ecstatic. So I have another person who was already interested in swapping the golf club with me. So now I am not swapping one thing I am swapping TWO for a "cause". I am going to take some photos with this camera and actually get them developed and will post them here soon. Supposedly the type of lens that is on this camera is superior to any lens made to date.
And what about the "cause"? Well anyone who knows me knows where my heart lies. ( I am going to be a bit vague here because there are some key words that I am going to try to avoid for various reasons.) I am hoping to swap up several more times until I have something that will hopefully be worth auctioning off. The proceeds to help our friends at . I so can't wait to see what happens next. I already have some bidding on swapping for the camera! So exciting!!!
Part three... This project takes some time... and patience.. But would be very cool to have some others playing along with me, and see what we can come up with in the next month. There are soooo many people that a few hundred dollars would change/ save their lives in our beloved central asian country 7300 miles away!!! But all you have to do is find something relatively worth nothing that you are willing to part with... post what the cause is for and (filter out the spam) wait.. and then go swap!!! Its fun. The people I have met are not really interested in what they are getting...... They like the "cause" and they get to be a part of the game!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Beautiful Portrait!!

Just after my sweet Ripley dog died, Emma started offering to do portraits to help support her trip back to Central Asia. She wants to stay longer on her next trip and is hoping to do this by using her talents as an artist. I first saw her work back in January at the weekend of Hope in Ohio when she had a portrait with her of one of the children who has been adopted. I have always wanted a larger version of one of my favorite pictures of Ripley and Ryott together. Just never got around to it. But now thanks to Emma.... I have an absolutely amazing 11 x 14 painting of my two beautiful blue boys. Everyone who sees the painting is just in awe. And to think this was Emmas first try at animals. I think she did a marvelous job. I made Ryott pose next to the painting. Emma's work is found at . Thanks Emma I absolutely love the portrait!!!! I can't wait to get it framed.

155th Annual Reading Fair

Ever since I was a little girl one of my favorite times of the year has been fair season. I can remember going to all the different fairs in and around Berks County. The grandaddy of all fairs (well in our area that is) is the Reading Fair. The fair has changed over the years. The original location for the Reading fair is now a shopping mall. Back then I can remember going not just one night to the fair but several. Either with my parents or with my grandparents. We were always there. Cotton Candy, Funnel Cakes, Candy Apples, Sammy's french fries, Pizza, Games, Prizes, Rides. The sites, the smells, the food, the games... they have not changed much. But the location sadly has. Although the new location seems to be a great improvement to the few years that they attempted to squish everything in the parking lot of the mall that took over its location, or Kutztown which seemed all wrong. (Kutztown is like 30 minutes north of Reading and seemed just wrong to have the Reading Fair no where near Reading) The last few years the fair has been held just slightly north of Reading an awesome location appropriately close to the Reading 4-H building.
Tonight we continued the Reading Fair tradition with my niece and nephew. The kids had a blast. I am still walking quite slow, so it took us pretty long to get through the whole fair. All the old favorites were there. I could not really ride the rides, but Theresa and I were able to get on the Ferris Wheel. This was the longest ferris Wheel Ride I have ever been on. We rode for at least 20 minutes. At one point I told theresa I thought that we were being held hostage! But we had a blast.
We took a quick trek around the original intention of the Reading fair..... the agricultural section. Cows, Sheep, Pigs, goats, rabbits, fruits and veggies... I hope that when Noodle comes home and gets a bit older she will want to do 4-H. I would love to partake in the fair as exhibitors of whatever choice animal she decides we should raise (well except pigs!!)

Well we had a great night.. enjoy the photos!