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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eventful two weeks

Wow! My last two weeks have been crazy. First, on the adoption front I want to thank all my familiy, friends, fellow bloggers, the 60 ish other waiting families and our Senators for this last rally. There is not a lot I am free to share openly but we are hoping we have raised voices loud enough to be heard in Bishkek. We are hoping the mountains in Central Asia are shivering and amazed at the power that we have yielded. Shivering enough so that they may be moved this Friday (Thursday night our time). Hopefully this will be a turning point day. Thursday night my candles will be burning, my prayers being sent out across the miles.

But while all that is going on behind closed doors, and all our folks are working with and for us; life has been quite busy. Well eventful at least. After a few days of my poor coworkers thinking I had gone crazy (hot cold hot cold for two straight nights) I was off again last week for yet another CT scan which landed me back in the hospital for 5 days. Yuck again. This time an abscess maybe or maybe not related to my first surgery. Who knows, but three attendings, 3 CT's and a drain later I am discharged (drain still intact yuck yet again) So I have another unplanned vacation from work. Slowly loosing my time I was supposed to have for when I brought Noodle home. We are going to have to be a bit creative here soon.

While I was in the hospital the new puppy came home! Yeah!! He's so cute. But I guess I am biased. Today was my first full day with him. He is going to be fun. He visited me twice for a few moments while I was in the hospital, then today he had his first outing. He attended a football game. He had some of the kids wrapped around his little paws! My nephew plays football for the Junior High team of my old alma mater. So very cool. The Mifflin beat Muhlenberg this afternoon. Go Stangs!

Anyway here are some fun photos raw from the day. Maybe I will go play with them in photo shop. Enjoy


Maria said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dog!!! Can't wait to hear the good news out of K'stan. Keep me updated. Still praying!!

Kimberly said...

Puppy is adorable! I wish I lived closer - I want to go for walk together with you and my girls too :-)

Pamela said...

First, I've been so out of the loop with your health status lately...very sorry for not keeping up with this. Can't believe that you've had to deal with multiple hospital visits and CTs. Please know that I am praying for you.

Now, about the pup...super cute! Love his gentle expression and little puppy body. I just LOVE of my favorite things in the whole wide world! That little guy is ultra lucky to have you as his momma. :-)


Lori said...

Meant to tell you I hope you felt better soon....and that the progress with the senators truly WAS progress and those babies are home soon! AND....I love your sweet little pup!! What kind of pup is it? Has Border Collie eyes, but are those border collie ears??? SOOOOOOO CUTE!