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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Loooooong weekend

Labor Day weekend... The end of summer. And traditionally a long weekend. Well this truly was a long weekend. Every week for the lst year and a half we 65 look for answers to our same old . Every week for the last year and a half (almost two for some) comes and goes without the actual answer we are looking for. Friday comes and we get no news. So we look forward to the next week.. And hope for the best... This friday we got an update from the Department of State. Again not really any news. It dd send us 65 reeling for what to do next. Over the weekend frantic emails were sent. What next, what is our plan, who do we engage next.But with the long weekend we had no one to answer some of those questions, so we did what we have done best... We wait! This next few weeks if we do not see anything on movement from the "other side" I believe the movement on "this" side is going to take on a higher tone.

But on a happier note.. Labor Day wekend is for picnics and familiy gatherings. On Sunday we did our traditional once a year picnic grilling up Kabobs (in Kyrgyz this would be Shasleek!!) YUMMMM.
On Monday we headed north to the Pocono Mountains. Mt Pocono and the waterpark known as Camelbeach. A bit cool for swimming in the early part of the day but the tubing fun in the afternoon (well for me anyway) was worth the wait. My mom gets some free passes every year to this park. So the family enjoys a day of complimentary fun in the sun (err clouds). Mom and I headed even further up. We headed up the ski lift to the top of Camelback Mountain. While there I silently sent up some prayers for the mountains in Kyrg to be moved. Hearts to be lifted. And movement to be made to release the kids from the orphanages. From the Mountaintop of the Poconocs to the Mountain/ Valleys of Bishkek hopefully soon the distance will not be so great.


Hilary Marquis said...

Looks like a fun getaway!

Kimberly said...

Glad you found some moments of fun during the LONG weekend!