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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pie in Your FAce Christmas Challenge

Every Year in Central Asia there are orphans and others who know what Christmas is. But it is only because there are folks who care and make a difference in their lives. Just think, what would you do with $5? Buy a starbucks coffee? In Central Asia that same $5 will allow a child to attend a day ful of Christmas activity lunch at a favorite local restraunt an activity with adults who care and a Christmas gift that they will cherish the whole year. Not to mention years worth of positive memories. This year I have joined my friends to help with this Christmas Challenge. I am partnering with my fellow waitng families. My Challenge is to come up with $500 in donations. For each $500 I will be taking a PIE in the FACE for the children. I am sure my fellow PAP's would love to also partake in this. My pooches will really be happy for every Pie In MY face there will certainly be 7 happy pups will to catch whatever hits the floor!!! So my first challenge is to generate $500. My second challenge goes out to all my fellow PAP's..... send this out to all your friends.... All your friends' friends and family.... For $5 lets see how many Pies we need to come up with.
All right so how do you donate???? Follow the link to John's site...

Go to the donate button and then be sure to choose Ann for all the PAP's !!!!! We will be credited for the donation.

And for the record... In just one 24 hour period. we have already received $200. GO PAPs.

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