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Friday, November 13, 2009

Shout it OUT.

I no longer intend to stay quiet! I will get the attention of someone, anyone and everyone who will listen. If you are reading this feel free to send it to your Senator, your Congressman, your local newspaper. Hilary Clinton, ANYONE who we could get involved. We are at an impasse. And we have nothing to lose. SHOUT IT OUT for our kids. and for all the kids in any orphanage where their GOVERNMENT believes they are better off. I have seen things in those institutions that would make your toes curl! It is abuse and neglect! And someone needs to help!

Good Morning,
As you are all aware I am one of the 60 plus waiting families in Kyrgyzstan. This morning (Nov 13) the latest news out of Bishkek states that Parliment has put off the state of International adoptions until February of next year. I do not believe that some of our children have this time to spare. I have seen photos of some of the waiting children. There is obvious neglect in this situation. The human rights of 65 children are being totally violated. There is a child with such a severe cleft lip and palate that it is preventing her from getting enough nutrition to grow. At the age of almost two she is the weight of a 3 month old child. There are kids with Cardiac defects that are not being evaluated by cardiologists. Children with Cerebral Palsey that are not getting the necessary intervention to provide them with the opportunity to have a normal life. Children who are being denied the love of a family while political parties can't decide their fate. I intend to become very verbal in this fight against the neglect that is going on. Kyrgyzstan is just one country and one example of children's rights being violated by foreign politicians who have no education in the field of child welfare. I believe at this point the only thing that will save our children from many more months of institutionalization is gaining the support of a higher authority in our government. Please pass this along to every level. I believe that the 65 cases could be resolved but not without intervention from above. I appreciate everything that JCICS and the Department of State has done and is doing to help resolve this. I send out those words of gratitude over and over. But we have come to an impasse where we need even more help. Please, Please help us help our kids. February 15 is just another date in a string of 2 years worth of dates.

Ann BAtes

Ryan & Ambassador:

If there is no word tomorrow (NOV. 13) that the Kyrgyz Parliament is going to immediately release the 66 children who have been waiting

for their adoptive families almost 2 YEARS, is it possible for Secretary of State Clinton's office to make direct contact (phone call) to the

Kyrgyz President to request the lifting of the moritorium on THESE 66 adoptions????

The families and agencies have waited and waited for almost 2 years now. It seems no one --- not the new Prime Minister nor the

Kyrgyz Parliament has the will or courage to do the right thing and release these already referred children to their families. This issue

should NOT be linked to what Kyrgyzstan wants to do about international adoption in the future..

We will encourage families and agencies and any other concerned parties to contact your offices hundreds of times a day, if needed, to

stress to you that your high level contact with the Kyrgyz President is now our only hope for the immediate release of these 66 children,

many who desperately need surgery and other medical care.

Please do NOT put this issue off until next month or next year. This is a case of the human rights of orphanaged children being abused.

Immediate, strong, direct action is a must now. We are depending on you.

Thank you for your involvement


Lori said...

SERIOUSLY????? How can anyone look at those babies and know what situations they are in and be OK with waiting??? Those children could DIE without intervention and FAST....I'm appalled and sickened.

Kimberly said...

Shouting with you!

Jackie said...

I cannot say how sorry I am about this. I am sad for you, and for all my other waiting friends.