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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I am going to not be sappy, I am going to not be sappy, I am going to not be sappy!!! LOL. I don't want to make my mom cry again ( and I know you are reading this!!!) So I am not going to post my usual man I wish the kids were home for the holidays sadness. Instead I will reiterate what I have said both on facebook, and to my waiting friends.
Merry CHristmas everyone! Peace to all my fellow waiting friends. love to all my family, friends both new and old, Joy to all the children and the young at heart. My CHristmas wish for Santa is to bring me an end to the journey I have started. Thank you to All for being along on the path.And comfort to our kids while they are waiting. (here I MUST insert a message to a friend of mine VK you know who you are. And yes I am antagonizing you! But I don't care what you, or anyone else says these 65 kids are ours in our hearts, our souls, our whole being so I WILL call her my daughter on this CHristmas Day and forever. Whether she becomes legally ours this year it is not our time to know that yet. But rest assured our group will not go down without a fight.)

Last week Santa in Kg sent a nice suprise. photos. More stripes!! I swear Miss Noodle when you come home you will never ever ever wear stripes again!

Then Christmas Eve morning I received great photos and updates from our friends at The donations from the Pie Challenge have been sent to the teams all over the globe. The shopping has been done and the parties have begun. Over the next few weeks the kids will be met by numerous fun gifts and suprises. ( and to those wondering... I am having a video issue with my Pie video... I promise it will get done... As soon as I resolve my technical difficulties!)
For this Christmas morning I leave you with the words of Tiny Tim in the Muppet Christmas Carol. And a peak at our photo of Noodle. " Life is like a journey, who knows where it ends?" and

God Bless us ... Every one!!!


Kimberly said...

Merry Christmas Ann and Brian and Miss Noodle!
Much love to you!

Lori said...

Still in stripes, cute as a button...when she's home, I can't wait to send a cute little NON-striped outfit, though!!!!

Merry Christmas...keeping you and all the others in our prayers always!

Maria said...

Ann, she is beautiful, whether in stripes or polka dots!! :-) I hope 2010 is the year. Merry Christmas Noodle!!

Merry X-Mas said...

Merry X-mas and a better 2010 for dear all!

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Suzanne said...


I am so happy that you got some pictures of Noodle! What a Christmas present. Happy Holidays.

Suzanne ( in FL)