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Friday, January 1, 2010


I am certainly very glad to see today. I dawn of a new year. Hopefully the dawn of new beginnings for many families and children. 65 of us have about 6 weeks before we hear any new news. In the meantime life still continues to move forward. But with 2009 behind us, a new hope hangs low. A new hope that THIS will be OUR year. This year children will know the love of a family. This year our families will grow. This year America will gain at least 65 new American citizens. This year will bring much love, Much life, and many new suprises. Don't get me wrong... I am very appreciative of many opportunities I had in 2009. I am most appreciative for the support of friends and family through a very long year. And without the wait there are several opportunities I would have missed and trips I never would have been on. New endeavors would not be sought out. So while God knows what the outcome is going to be. I continue to follow only getting glimpses here and there of the why.


Paige said...

Amen! I feel very positive that this will be our year. For whatever reason, 2009 was not. Read about the back-up of children in the hospitals waiting to go to orphanages and it's just another sign that something has to give here and soon. The country cannot possibly go on delaying things much longer without looking as if they are completely devoid of compassion for their own children. Expecting a great 2010!

True Heart Forever said...

Isn't it nice to experience a constant tap of love; and not live in an insane society; friend?

I Support Adoptions said...

I am hopeful for you, Ann, and all the others. Sending good wishes to you for a great year!