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Friday, February 26, 2010

JCICS- Be The Answer Blog opinion request

JCICS has a blog. A recent post has asked for the opinion of the readers. What do you think is the definition of an orphan? What is the definition of the needs of a child. Suprisingly the answers you may have and the answers some others come up with are quite different! Below is my reply!!! Not a little bit synical though.

UNICEF- now there is an interesting organization. Everyone seems to know who UNICEF IS, and that UNICEF helps children. But do they really? Or are they a charade of an organization that has extreme power and an extreme backing of financial resources that SAYS they help children. In my own opinion UNICEF is an extremist organization with members similar to the PETA group of extremists. I do not agree with their views on what child is an orphan and that orphans are better off in their own society and culture. My belief is that a definition of an orphan is a child who has been left (regardless of why) without the care of a parent or guardian who is capable to provide for the child’s needs. Every child should have the right to a family. Whether that family be true blood relative, friends down the street who have chosen to raise a child as their own, or an adoptive family from 7000 miles across the globe. If a child has been deprived of the gift of a family, he or she should be allowed the opportunity for a family to be found. A child’s well being should include love and family. Research has shown the affects of children growing up in institutions. Internationally and as human beings are we not wise enough to understand when solid research says that a large majority of orphans who age out of institutions will either become criminals, be victimized by trafficking, or prostitution or will commit suicide by the time they are adults. Only a very small percentage of children will actually be lucky enough to find an adoptive family. Domestic or International. So why then are there so many organizations that are so willing to make it even harder for a child without a home, without a mother or father figure, without proper food, a sense of self, education, without love determined to make it even harder for a child? Maybe one day UNICEF can answer that to the children.

Hmm. Not a little bit resentful about UNICEF am I


Lori said...

Agreed. I NEVER knew the harm UNICEF actually imparts before we tried to adopt. No one would know--how could they? UNICEF is all about kids, right?

We don't live in a perfect world and children who need homes and families need homes and families. Period.

Kimberly said...

well said, Ann!