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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Had to write this one down. Just odd... I just woke up from one of those dreams that are just vivid. You know, the ones you can remember all the details. I dreamt there was a gathering of some kind. But towards the end it was obvious the gathering was many of the waiting parents I have come to know. Some I have never met but yet there you were as clear as day in my dream. A few were carrying new babies. I assume that to be a few in our group have done a concurrent adoption. As the gathering wound down we all gathered around a circle and in the middle of that circle was K our in country driver/translater. While he did not offer a time line what he did offer was to get us prepped and ready for a semblance of order that we would be presented for court dates! Here is to dreams!


Kimberly said...

Yes - here's to dreams! May they become our realities soon!

Lori said...

Hear, hear!!!!!

Matt and Pam Bean said...

What a wonderful dream!!! love it

Jes said...

Love your dream! Interestingly enough I had a similar dream this week. Several of us were gathered at an airport (unsure of which) on our way to "see" our children. No other details ... except that a bunch of us were going together!

Mary from TN said...

I love your dream! May it be so soon!

Mary from TN

Shelley and Brian said...

Love that dream!