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Monday, March 22, 2010

A friendship spans MILES

Warning: Super Long post.. with tons of photos!
Lori, Jengish and I on the steps of the Capital building in Richmond.
Almost a year ago to the date I spent a day with John, Jengish, Kolya, Asylbek, and Jengish's adoptive grandmother. Who knew that day would start the beginning of a friendship that spans the miles. Who knew that that friendship would connect/reconnect me with a blog buddy Lori ( ). The beginning of our day we made good on a promise. That if Jengish ever was in America we would enjoy a starbuck coffee together. And that we did! A Vente Caramel Frappucino for both of us. YUM... My absolute favorite. We both have good taste. But before we could enjoy a good coffee, we visited the Harley Dealer in Richmond. Hmmm I wonder... How do we send a Harley to Kyrgyzstan? He would be the first Harley owner in all of the Kyrgyz Republic!!!

Lori met us at Starbucks.. which by the way was right next to the Harley Dealer.. And no .. I did not plan it that way, but wow was completely suprised to find out it was there. To tell the truth actually I am not suprised at all. We spent some time getting to know each other in person. For Lori and Jengish and Lori and I this was our first "in person" meeting. In the course of this getting to know you session we were talking a little about Noodle. I made the comment that Noodle is of Russian heritage. Jengish looked me straight in the eye and said " Ann, that is not a Russian last name, her last name is a Ukrainian name." One could have heard a pin drop.... For those who do not know. My first dossier two years ago was translated and sent to Ukraine! Just weeks after it arrived in Ukraine, the adopton rules changed and I was no longer eligible to adopt fro Ukraine. And here I sit and find out that I was right all along. I was determined I was going to adopt a little girl from Ukraine. And although seperated by a few thousand miles. The plan was just that all along. Just goes to show I am not in the driver's seat. I am merely following His lead....
Then off we went to do some sightseeing and introduce Jengish to some Southern U.S. history. The Capital of Virginia and a Civil War museum were our major stops.

The rotunda at the capital there seemed to be a statue missing. These two seemed like a perfect fit for the vacant spot!

Outside the Capital building we were getting a lesson in photography. This shot was just perfect. Jengish's camera with his new lens on his back, my camera with his 50mm lens being used to take a wonderful photo (seen next). I leaned over quietly to Lori and said oooo, oooo take that shot!!! What a great Shot too. Lori I stole this from your facebook page!
Jengish's flower photo.. so cool!!!

The American Civil War museum. Tredegars. They made canons here for the Civil War.

Civil War era glassware. Awesome colors.

Lori, Myself, Abe Lincoln, and Jengish.. The past, the present, and the future of our world!

While talking in the morning. We discovered that my young friend Kolya (And Jengish's friend) would be ecstatic to receive the simple gift of guitar strings from America. Evidently strings from Central Asia snap easily. So off we went to a guitar shop in Careytown. Jengish picked up one of the guitars and told us he was going to play A Kyrgz National Song.. What fun when he brke out in a wonderful rendition of Sweet Home Alabama! But.. with a twist.. As the story goes this song was originally written in Kyrgyzstan.... It was then stolen by an American who was visiting Central Asia. Too funny!!

We ended our day with Jengish with a simple meal at an all inclusive type um diner. we talked about how our paths have come to cross. How amazing we believe the others to be. Jengish has given his life to helping homeless men. To Teen Challenge. A life that has given him amazing opportunities. Lori is surviving. We will continue to pray for her.. And continue to remember Matthew. In 9 months and 8 hours his life has touched so many.

A Camilia bush has been bought to honor and to remember Matthew. John and Lori have been planning a memorial garden. This bush practically picked us! A bush that flowers in December. Oh My! The bush is a gift to Lori, John and Matthew from the waiting parents group. Sorry Lori I am sure this has sprung some tears. Hugs, prayers and wishes for much love to surround you and be shoulders to cry on any time you would like.


Lori said...

How did you know there were tears???? :)

Love the post. I'm going to borrow some of yours for Facebook too.

Such a wonderful day for me!

Kimberly said...

looks like a fabulous day! I love what a small world we live in and the many ways God allows our paths to cross!

Maria said...

Awww... what a wonderful tribute to you all's visit. It looks like such fun and I so wish I could have been there. I would have had the BEST time!!! Prayers for a very quick reunion between you and your sweet "Ukranian" daughter. Isn't God funny sometimes?