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Monday, May 3, 2010

Answered Prayers

Over the last two years I have come to know and care about 65 children and 60 some odd families "stuck" in the same waiting game as we are in. We share our fears, we share tears, we share hopes and dreams. Even as those dreams slowly change and take on new shapes, we share them. Originally we all had dreams of bringing home infants and toddlers. Today all those infants are toddlers and the toddlers are slowly becoming preschool age. Some are older. How must it be for those few who KNOW they are waiting for their moms and dads to come back and take them home to the family they were promised. They know something has gone horribly wrong. But I digress......

One of those mothers has become a very dear friend. Someone I talk to almost every night in our virtual world. Either by computer or recently by Blackberry, whether she is in Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, Denver, and I am at home or in Moscow we have still been connected by this wonderful virtual realm we live in. I have met Kimberly.... And I have had the great pleasure to meet Moonbeam on two seperate occasions. We had dreams that Moonbeam and Noodle would grow up as Kyrgyz sisters here in the states. We dreamed and hoped of the day we could plan our trip to Bishkek together and travel to pick up our daughters together. But tonight over at Hoping for Hannah ( that dream has changed. But step back to March 6th first. Kimberly's wish /prayer for Hannah was that she no longer had to wait in an institution. That a family would come and take her home to be their forever child. The best gift a mother could ever give. The gift of letting go.... A prayer for God to find a family so that Moonbeam would not spend even one more night in an orphanage. How exciting and appropriate that she has learned that as soon as that prayer was sent up God listened. And tonight a call that affirmed the answer to the prayer. God has found a family for Moonbeam. Someone in Moonbeam's Biological family has come forward and decided to apply to adopt her! The paperwork has been started. A PRAYER ANSWERED... But that does not make the loss any easier. So for all those reading tonight say a prayer not only a thanksgiving and a hope for a wonderful future for Moonbeam... But remember that for two years Kimberly was Moonbeam's Momma. She held this little girl close to her heart. She prayed for her. She loved her. Pray that Kimberly will find peace in this answered prayer as her adoption journey winds down yet another road of uncertainty.

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Kimberly said...

HI Ann - thank you so much for your post - I am encouraged by all the love and support I've been receiving. My heart is broken and jumping for joy all at the same time.