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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Leaving Moscow

As I write this I am a bit teary. Not because I miss my little guy (which I do ). Not because I am tired and ready to be done traveling (which I am). But because of all the emails, facebook posts I'm's and letters I have received over the last 24 hours. To feel how much love this adoption journey has brought about. To know how loved one little boy is even though he has not been met. To know a million fold how much 65 other little kids are loved and missed and longed for. For all that I am teary as I bump along a back road to the airport. This has been an incredible journey. I am so thankful to everyone who is sharing it with me/ us. To all of you... THANK YOU,Bolshoi Spaceba!

Hang on its not over yet


Kimberly said...

OK, now I'm teary reading your post! It is pretty darn amazing!
and you are so right - you are Kolya are loved to pieces!

Paige said...

Congratulations and safe travels home! So happy for you. Your son is beautiful!!