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Monday, May 3, 2010

More wait... More uncertainty

Almost a month has come and gone since our conference call with the Department of State. It has been almost a month since the fateful day of uprising in Kyrgyzstan. The interim government of Kyrgyz is at work implenting new decrees, drafting a constitution, holding talks with high level officials from the U.S. and Russia. But we remain not even a blip on that radar. Don't get me wrong, in the world of countries and politics, where lives are at stake and freedoms and all those other things I really just don't care to think about, I understand our 65 kids are not even a blip on the interim government radar. How could they be with so much else going on. But in my world I want to be more then a blip! I want our kids to be known and have a voice. I want to scream to the mountaintops THIS IS IMPORTANT TOO!!!! What if one of these kiddos IS the future of Kyrgyzstan? Or even better yet the future of the world we live in!! Wait... Not what IF? These kiddos ARE our future. Don't they deserve to be treated with the same respect and dignity with the same rights as everyone else. The right to be loved, and held and to have a family and medical care and an education? Isn't that just as important? I think so! Do you know what is the most frustrating? It has been one month since the 65 families had a conference call with our government concerning these kids. And our one request has yet to be granted. Involvment in this issue by SOS Hilary Clinton. To date we have no idea if a letter has been drafted? They have openly admitted they do not "want" to engage SOS CLinton. They do not "want" to ask the Interim government of Kyrgyzstan if anything can be done to expedite our cases. Can anything be done? At least can we ASK the question? If they say no we wait again but at least we have ASKED!!!

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