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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Roza Otunbaeva on facebook!!

Good morning all!
I have failed to post here lately because I have been overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness and sadness. Latest updates have been far less then good for our kids. But finally a sliver of good news. I take a sliver of good over some of the bad.

Over the last few days evidently many of our waiting family members have reached out to the Interim leader of Kyrgyzstan. We have expressed support for her leadership while also asking very politely for a swift resolution to our cause. Anyone on facebook feel free to do the same! But here are two other email addresses to contact her in support of her country, her leadership and support for a resolution of 65 pending adoptions!

Dear Ms. Otunbaeva,
My name is Ann Bates. I know this is a very troubling time in your country. I am writing to express my words of support during this time of rebuilding. My thoughts, prayers and well wishes are with you as you re-establish a safe and secure environment for the people of Kyrgyzstan. I have visited your country three times. The first time two years ago. Then, I was just an American mother hoping to give a little girl a home in America. But two trips later I have not only fallen in love with a little three year old girl I hope to one day be able to call Daughter, but I have fallen in love with your beautiful country. I have made many friends and stay in contact with them on a regular basis. One has recently returned from an education trip here to the United States and I had the pleasure to host him for a day and show him around America. Your people have welcomed me on three occasions with open hearts and arms. I wish for them a country filled with many freedoms and the safety that a good leader will provide to them.
I am writing also today as a heartbroken mother to be. I am one of the 65 families waiting to adopt a child from an orphanage in Bishkek. I traveled to meet her 2 years ago. She was 18 months old then. She is now almost four. She has mild cerebral palsy and was born very premature. Her developmental delays are more and more evident with every update we receive. I know the baby houses are doing the best they can with their resources. But families are waiting with open arms to give these children the love and medical care they so desperately need and deserve as a human right. I am writing to you in the hopes that there is a way to bring closure to this situation. 65 kids are waiting for families. 65 families have been waiting for 2 years to call these kids son or daughter. I know that our cultures have many different religious beliefs. But I pray that God will grant peace to your country. I pray that your leadership will go on to sustain a new and better Kyrgyzstan. And I pray that God will grant safe passage for our 65 children.
Ann BAtes


Lori said...

Ann, so, so, so praying for that as well!!! Much love!

Kimberly said...

What a beautifully written email Ann! I am so excited that Roza actually posted something so public about the waiting kiddos!