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Kyrgyzstan Map


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

exploring Moscow

Moscow Zoo! Polar Bears, Tigers, Elephants, Hefalumps, Tigger, Piglet and even Pooh!! Oh My!! More photos later

Skype Friday night with the family.. Video conference from Russia with love!

And asleep after every day of exploration!!
Just for the memory. On Friday night I was able to weigh Kolya. 17 lbs. 7.6 Kg


Before I send another sweet word... Before I attach another beautiful photo.. Before I share another moment of miraculous activity with our new son here in Moscow... I must take this moment to write to my little girl. For the only reason I am here is because Shelby is not home. That is so sad. Sad that it has been two years of waiting. Angry sometimes that it has been two years of waiting. Two years of all the miraculous firsts that Kolya is experiencing should already have happened for Shelby. The first time drinking from a sippy cup at 20 months, the first time in a swimming pool, the first time falling asleep in your mother's arms. And then waking up to your mother waiting to hold you. For awhile I was patient. For awhile I was not angry. And I sure do know that there is a reason for the Kyrgyz delays. For without them I would never have even thought to start a journey to Russia. My heart is elated with the fact that I have a beautiful baby boy. The discoveries at every moment of every day are breathtaking. But a very very large part of my heart still lies in Kyrgyzstan. In an orphanage behind cold walls is our little girl. Still going to bed alone every night, still waking up alone every morning. I have watched the morphing of a stolid child to a happy happy little boy over the course of just a few days. And can't help but think how unfair it is that Shelby is being deprived of the same experience.
So Tonight to my Little Girl..

Dearest Docha
I love you more then anything. My heart is waiting for you. My arms are waiting to hold you and your baby brother every night until you fall asleep and wake in the morning to my waiting arms as you wipe the night's sleep from your eyes. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and also thank you. For without my experience, without our wait, you would not have a baby brother who will be at home waiting for you. Little Noodle we are trying. We are doing everything we can think of. Stay strong. And even though you may be alone... You are not alone. You are surrounded by a family who eagerly waits, friends who pray every night that one day soon you will be allowed to come home. Hugs and Kisses.. Mommy, Daddy, and Kolya

Friday, June 25, 2010

just gotcha pics!


Ok I am running a few days behind with posts. And I feel awful. Renaissance Marriot is a really cool hotel but the only free internet is in the lobby areas. And thats hard now!!! To boot the hotel in Borovichi was not the same hotel we stayed at before and no internet there either. Non at all! So today I am just catching up on the blog. I have been able to update in the moment on facebook with my blackberry. VERY COOL GADGET i might add. Actually the blackberry and the global plan have been the best thing I have done for these trips to Russia.

So what everyone wants to hear... then I will back up later and give details.... Kolya is now with us!!! Yeah!! He is doing great. He did well on the car ride. Slept as soon as we got in the car. Then another nap halfway. Then 10pm he went down for the night and slept until 7 when we had to wake him up for his doctor's visit.

The pics above are from June 23... Not gotcha day. I don't have them loaded on the computer yet,.... GRRRR.. I think we will pay for the internet tonight!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

on a jetplane

Just a note from the airplane! We are a bit late leaving. But the good thing is we have no connecting flight! Next stop...MOSCOW. Ugh then seven hours in a car to Novgorod. Where I will be very happy for the beds at Beresta Palace. Just a few more days til we bust Kolya out. Hugs.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Ok well the last 16 days FLEW by. I had meant to do a countdown. I had meant to write many many posts. I missed them all while I was in Vermont. I had tried to set up my blackberry to act as a modem while in Vermont but since I had no cell service that was not going to work either. Anyway.. Vermont. One week at Camp Gone to the Dogs! We always have a blast. The dogs come home tired. Ruger tried Lure Coursing and Sheepherding, frisbee, and agility. His favorites were sheepherding and agility! Although he thought Lure Coursing was pretty fun too. He did not want to stop Lure coursing. Hopefully I will get a video compiled and will add that here and to Ruger's blog!

Then it was off to Shannon's in Argyle, NY. we had two days of shoppin'. Bought some outfits for Kolya. My favorite is his comin out of the orphanage outfit. Oh he is gonna just be so handsome in it. (sure hope it fits!)

iSupport Adoptions!!!!

The day I was approved for court I received a wonderful email. Maria at iSupportAdoptions has chosen our family (our kids ) and our stories to be sponsored through iSupportadoptions!! I support adoptions is a nonprofit organization that supports orphanages around the world and has just begun sponsoring families who are adopting. We have been selected as the pilot family in this campaign. And the second family sponsored. Please pass along the iSupport adoptions page! Maria has been a great support to me over the last few months.

All donations made to I Support Adoptions during this time and towards our second sponsorship goal, will be awarded to the Bates family here at the Support This Adoption page. Please read below about this family’s extraordinary adoption adventure.

My adoption journey is nearing almost 3 years. It has led me around the world several times and I have learned about countries and geographies I did not know about before. My story reflects how adoption has forever changed me and how I am in the world…

My name is Ann Bates. I am a 39 year old pre-adoptive mother. I have filed 3 dossiers as a single person, however my fiancé, Brian, and I plan to marry soon after our children are home. He will then adopt them officially as we re-adopt them here in the United States. I live on a farm in South Eastern Pennsylvania with dogs, cats, horses, chickens and even a miniature donkey. I train dogs for competition as a hobby. I am also a life-long photographer and a pediatric critical care transport nurse in Delaware.

My initial dossier was submitted to the Ukraine for translation in April, 2008, but soon after, Ukraine closed adoption to single people. Brian and I made a difficult decision to consider adoption from another country. Our hearts opened to a 17 month old girl. She was a waiting child who had been premature, has delays and has mild Cerebral Palsy. Shelby Krystina, now three and a half years old, is still living in her home country of Kyrgyzstan. Although I have visited with her, we were unable to bring her home to her “forever family” because of political unrest that led to the closing of international adoptions in that country. There were 65 other U.S. families whose adoption plans were crushed along with us. We are waiting and waiting for legislation and governmental decrees to re-establish adoptions in that country. As a group, we pray, lobby and advocate for the children frozen in that system. I have traveled to Kyrgyzstan three times and last year spent two weeks on a humanitarian aide trip working in invalid homes, orphanages, and senior facilities. Kyrgyzstan truly has my heart!

Since there was no timeline for our daughter’s homecoming, Brian and I decided to pursue a concurrent adoption. We found a handsome fellow waiting for us in Russia. This past Easter Sunday I traveled to Moscow and then made a 7 hour car ride to meet this charming Prince. I was immediately smitten by his golden, red hair and beautiful smile and knew I had been led to where I was called to be. N. Benjamin is 18 months old. He has a treatable condition called blepharophimosis which is a fancy term for a droopy eyelid that will potentially require several surgeries. Currently we are waiting a court date for our son-to-be. Sometime in the next 1-2 months he may be home safe and sound and beginning his new life as an American citizen.

Brian and I never imagined we would be called to two international adoptions! We were intimidated by the cost and mindful of the money already invested. I researched ways others have successfully raised money for their adoptions, made grant applications and connected with I Support Adoptions. Additionally, Brian has taken a second job. I also took a part-time position in addition to my full-time nursing job. We have raised money by selling household items at community forums on the web and yard sales and are hopeful that we will be able to finance our adoptions.

The journey to adopt has led me down an unexpected path. I have been places and met people I am honored to know. I have shared my gifts and helped those with less. I have developed a huge network of pre-adoptive and adoptive friends. I have friends and new family from places all over the world! The adoption process is filled with twists and turns and is not for the faint of heart! I am blessed to know all about that!

For my full adoption story spanning the last two years, please see

Thank you for considering a donation,

Ann Bates

Friday, June 4, 2010

16 Days and counting

16 days before we leave to go pick up Kolya! We are delayed by one week. We = Grammy and I. Yes Kolya will get to meet grammy when I go to pick him up at the orphanage! We were originally set to leave on June 13. And as much as I want to get Kolya home I was actually grateful for the one week delay. Sunday I leave for one week at dog camp. YEAH a week with my four legged children. I will go from Dog camp to my friend Shannon's for a few days of SHOPPING. Then home for a few days of work and off to JFK Sunday the 2oth. (father's day)

So why the delay? June 12th is Russia's Independence Day. The 12th falls on Saturday. Just like here in the US if a holiday falls on a weekend they throw their government holiday to the next working day. So the registry office is always closed on Mondays, which means they will probably also be closed on Tuesday. So instead of being in Russia for several days and not being able to get anything done.... We will go a week later.

While we wait.... we build a wardrobe of boys clothing. I did not have any boys clothes. And while going through the paperwork process and even while waiting to go back on trip two I refused to buy clothing. I have become just a little scared of adoption timeline for obvious reasons. So now that Kolya is actually our son and we have a definite date to go pick him up... We need to have clothing and boy toys!

Wednesday Corey and I went out for some shopping. We bought some really cute Carter's and Disney outfits. Then Thursday I bought some craigslist specials!! Meanwhile Grammy is having a blast buying little boy's clothing!!