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Friday, June 4, 2010

16 Days and counting

16 days before we leave to go pick up Kolya! We are delayed by one week. We = Grammy and I. Yes Kolya will get to meet grammy when I go to pick him up at the orphanage! We were originally set to leave on June 13. And as much as I want to get Kolya home I was actually grateful for the one week delay. Sunday I leave for one week at dog camp. YEAH a week with my four legged children. I will go from Dog camp to my friend Shannon's for a few days of SHOPPING. Then home for a few days of work and off to JFK Sunday the 2oth. (father's day)

So why the delay? June 12th is Russia's Independence Day. The 12th falls on Saturday. Just like here in the US if a holiday falls on a weekend they throw their government holiday to the next working day. So the registry office is always closed on Mondays, which means they will probably also be closed on Tuesday. So instead of being in Russia for several days and not being able to get anything done.... We will go a week later.

While we wait.... we build a wardrobe of boys clothing. I did not have any boys clothes. And while going through the paperwork process and even while waiting to go back on trip two I refused to buy clothing. I have become just a little scared of adoption timeline for obvious reasons. So now that Kolya is actually our son and we have a definite date to go pick him up... We need to have clothing and boy toys!

Wednesday Corey and I went out for some shopping. We bought some really cute Carter's and Disney outfits. Then Thursday I bought some craigslist specials!! Meanwhile Grammy is having a blast buying little boy's clothing!!


Christina said...

That boy is going to be dressed for success. We have found with little boys that balls and tractors are a hit. Any size ball.... Have fun buying him stuff. So excited for you guys.

Kimberly said...

Yippee! Let the fun begin! I love celebrating!

Lori said...

Hooray!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this for you!!! Can't wait to see him HOME!!!!!!!

I Support Adoptions said...

What an adventure!

lisatony said...

Congratulations! We ran into the same type of delays in Ukraine and opted to wait an extra week. God bless you!!!
-Lisa (also waiting for a Kyrgyzstan miracle)