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Friday, June 18, 2010


Ok well the last 16 days FLEW by. I had meant to do a countdown. I had meant to write many many posts. I missed them all while I was in Vermont. I had tried to set up my blackberry to act as a modem while in Vermont but since I had no cell service that was not going to work either. Anyway.. Vermont. One week at Camp Gone to the Dogs! We always have a blast. The dogs come home tired. Ruger tried Lure Coursing and Sheepherding, frisbee, and agility. His favorites were sheepherding and agility! Although he thought Lure Coursing was pretty fun too. He did not want to stop Lure coursing. Hopefully I will get a video compiled and will add that here and to Ruger's blog!

Then it was off to Shannon's in Argyle, NY. we had two days of shoppin'. Bought some outfits for Kolya. My favorite is his comin out of the orphanage outfit. Oh he is gonna just be so handsome in it. (sure hope it fits!)

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