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Friday, July 23, 2010

2 and 3 weeks home (text only LOL)

Two weeks have passed since I have posted. WOW!! And I am still not updated on our whole Russian experience. I understand now how my friends who I follow diligently along their adoption path trickle off their posts once they return home. Seriously it really isn't lack of time. I have planety of time. Well now I do anyway. The first week home I really could not find free time away from our little cutie. He did not allow me out of his sight. Over the last two weeks I have been able to do house work while Kolya entertains himself in his wonderful play yard. I just wonder how long that will last until he figures out he can climb the walls. Do they make extra tall play yards to contain the children in safety? For now I enjoy watching him play safely with interactive learning toys. But I digress. Time... I do have plenty of time at night that I could post. But once Kolya is in bed I have found myself just vegging in front of the TV or talking with friends about our day. We have had tons and tons and tons of great learning and exploration as a family of three.. Well if you count the four legged familiy members we are now a family of 9. The four legged furr family members are doing great with our new "man cub" I could not have asked for a better adjustment period. So what have we done since 4th of July???

Kutztown Folk festival- our first outing as a family of three- we unfortunately had to leave the other seven members at home in the air conditioning. Although it was hot enough I think they got the better end of the deal.
Back in Moscow, when we were in Gorky Park, there were people giving not pony rides but REINDEER rides. Kolya wouldn't even touch the reindeer let alone ride it. Now just two weeks later he has GOATS eating out of his hand and off the tray of his stroller. He even tried some of the goat food himself. YUK!!
Knoebels Amusement Park- His first solo ride? a fire truck. Second ride at Knoebels? An EMS helicopter. We are conditioning him for a life in the health care field?? Although several people have guessed engineer in training. But thats another story. Kolya loved his trip to Knoebels with his cousins and his grandparents and especially his Uncle Eric. Boy do those two love each other already. They just took to each other right away. An instant love just like the rest of us. He has the ability to capture everyone at first glance with his contagious laugh and smile. (can you tell I really like this little guy? We spent the first hour playing on new rides, then Brian and I switched kiddos and we took my niece and nephew to the BIG KID rides. Unfortunately we then got thunderstorms so our day ended pretty early. We did squeak in a train ride before we left. And of course tons of photos!!!
Early Intervention assessment- EI was here July 15 to evaluate Kolya on his age of development. Not really any big surprises. He tested slightly behind in fine and gross motor skills, like balance, walking, that kind of stuff. He tested at the level of a 12 month old for speech so we are able to get a speech therapist to work with him once a week. The speech therapist started July 20th. She was great. She not only helps with speech but also works on fine motor skills and language development. She also said that due to his situation and need for English we are going to apply to get an educational instructor to come in once a week as well. We are going to strive to get every single service and help we can so our little guy has as much opportunity as possible to catch up and reach max potential. On the cognitive level EI evaluated him on the level of a 23 month old!!! We sort of knew he was processing how things work! He is a smart little cookie.
Post adoption physicals- A.I.duPont and his family physician all agree he is attaching well, adjusting well, and is for the most part a pretty healthy little guy. Dr. Renwick and Dr. Harbonic are very very concerned that Kolya is off the charts small for his age. Dr. Renwick has placed Failure to thrive in his charts as a diagnosis. Hopefully we can remove failure to thrive sooner then later. We have been given permission to feed him all the fatty foods we can muster in to him.
As of July 21 Kolya is 29inches tall and 7.6kg which is still only 17 pounds. On July 22 we had our opthamolgy appointment with Dr.Lehman. She is pretty happy with Kolya at this point. Yes he has a Ptosis of both eyes. The left more so then the right. But for now we are going to watch it. We do need to return in 4 months. She is concerned that as his head and face grow his ptosis can hinder his eye growth. If one eye were to grow and develop at a different rate it would cause vision problems. So we need to be very diligent in watching this area. She does think there may be a mild Blepharophimosis, however BPES is a very broad spectrum. And she says his is very mild form. Needless to say we will be very friendly with our eye doctor over the next few years.
I think that brings us up to date on activities.......
What has Kolya learned?
To play alone at times.
To be "nice" to the dogs rather then pet by hitting on the top of the head. (except poor Tressa)
To CLIMB.. he can now climb up on the chairs and the bed. He also knows to turn around and come down backwards. Sometimes this game goes on for a long time. UP DOWN, UP DOWN...
Words- UP, DOWN, HIYA (sometimes) Koshka (cat) Daw (Dog), Da da, Mommmm, Good Job, Peek a Boo, Ball.

What does Kolya like? The dogs, Swimming, water, his drumsticks, noisy toys, his family and friends, rides, and climbing. Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Pediasure, ice cream

What does Kolya not like? car seats, bed time, diaper changes, getting out of the water, getting off rides, Cold drinks, and did I mention bedtime???

Hopefully it will not be another two weeks before our next post!!!

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