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Monday, July 26, 2010

home 4 weeks

Today marks a month home from Novgorod/Boruvichi. I can't believe we have been home for a month already. The weeks have just flown. For the most part all is going very well. We have seen so many changes already. 99% good changes. The neatest thing to watch is the development of a child into a little boy. A child who we would not allow to walk on the driveway because his balance was not great. We were so afraid he would bounce his head off the asphalt. Now just one month later he has started to run. His blanace has improved. He can now walk on the driveway, run on the grass, climb up on the chairs, the bed, and just about anything else that is suitable for a little boy to climb on. In Russia we had a hard time the first few days getting Kolya into the pool. Now we can't get him away from water. Of any kind! Tonight he ventured out to the middle of the baby pool all by himself. He went to explore the fountain in the middle.
But alas with all the good comes the bad... I am not sure what sparked a sudden change in bedtime scene. But I know that since we are back from our trip to duPont Kolya is having a horrible time falling asleep. Once he is asleep he is great, and will sleep for 8-10 hours. But the last few nights getting to sleep has started with a round of SCREAMING. I think he has realized that he has no other way to keep himself from falling asleep then screaming. I have ignored all his attempts to stay awake. But its hard to ignore downright screaming to the point that he is hot and sweaty. Tonight we took a car ride. A 30 minute trip in the car and off to dreamland he went. I am so open to suggestions! We think he may now be remembering night times in the orphanage.? not sure.. But I feel so bad for him. For now I myslef am off to dreamland.. Tomorrow I will post new photos!


Kimberly said...

Wow - one month already! Where does the time go?

Hilary Marquis said...

Will he calm down if you sit in the room with him? When we had our sleep drama I sat in the girls' room (in the dark, with my laptop ;) for a few weeks until they fell asleep. It was a good compromise between letting her sleep with me and letting her scream. I couldn't bear to hear her cry like that not knowing what was going through her little mind.