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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home One Week

We are home for 1 week today. What a whirlwind week it has been! I am hapy to say we have a routine down that seems to work!! The first day was rough for both of us we were both disombabulated. It has been pretty easy for me to adjust to time zone changes on my own. But adjusting with a toddler who also needed to time warp was a little bit more difficult. Day one we slept very little and by 5 pm we were both exhausted. Bedtime came early. I thought we'd lay down for a nap. No dice... that nap lasted 12 hours for both of us. Day two we woke up at 6am, nap at 10:30 and then bed by 9pm. Finally day three we slept until the late hour of 7. Now I think we have it down that bed is between 8:30 and 9:30 and Little Man sleeps until 7 or 8 am.

So after a week I can make some lists!
What does Nikolas like?
Water... he loves loves loves the water. He spent almost all day the 4th of July in my cousin's pool. The day before he spent an hour in his other cousin's pool. And every day we spend time in the bath tub!!! Yeah for liking water.
Dogs...I can't say that he loves the dogs yet. But I am at least relieved that he has taken to the dogs and the dogs to him so well. Day one was rough. he was fine as long as the dogs were about 2 feet from him. Now he feeds them Cheerios every morning for breakfast. Plays fetch with Sabyr, follows Tressa around for a random bonk on the head, and is guarded by Kasey, Ryott, and Hannah. The dogs are so gentle with him. This morning he had the puppy by the ear and puppy just looked at both of us as if to say "can you please remove this?" Sierra sleeps right outside his bedroom door at night time. And all the dogs greet him in the morning when he wakes up.
Cookies-well what kid does not love cookies! So far he is just getting the biter toddler cookies. But I am sure no cookie is a bad cookie
Being tickled
What does Nikolas NOT like?
diaper changes, bedtime, cold milk, cold juice, cheerios (thus they are for the dog every morning), and so far he is not interested in watching TV.
Nikolas Firsts this week.
First amusement ride- flinstones train at Community Days with cousin Zoey

First English words- Momma, Dadda, Up, Down, Ball, Daw (translate to dog).
First sweets- a cupcake given to him by Aunt Pam- he liked it but it sure did not do well in his
poor digestive system.
First Bath- screamed for 30 seconds, but then was all smiles and giggles.
First 4th of July picnic with family!!!
And so many more that I can't even begin to write.

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Kimberly said...

Love all the pictures! And the details about your first week! Happy 2nd week at home!