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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Home at last. Yesterday was day one at home. A day full of discovery and more miraculous understanding that this is just the right little boy for our family. Less then 12 hours after his homecoming he was playing frisbee with Sabyr!! I knew Sabyr would be his favorite. Sabyr just loves loves loves to play catch. And Kolya loves loves loves to throw! Very quickly Little man decided he really likes Daddy too. And Dad loves to tickle and play with Little Man. We were going to go visit Brian's parents last night but instead Kolya and I fell asleep. We fell asleep at 5pm. For what I thought was a late afternoon nap. Neither of us woke up untl 5am!! 12 hours! Good bye to jet lag hopefully! I am still not caught up with pictures. I promise to get more Russia pictures and homecoming photos here soon. This morning we deiscovered the power of children's television which has allowed me to at least start oranizing phots and write this post!!


Jackie said...

Congratulations, Ann ... and welcome home!

Kimberly said...

Welcome Home Ann and Kolya! May Miss Noodle join you VERY SOON!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations!! I am so glad that your Kolya is home!!

I Support Adoptions said...

This is so awesome!