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Monday, August 16, 2010


A few weeks ago I finally heard the song I absolutely knew I wanted to use for this video. I was rocking Kolya to sleep listening to Pandora on my blackberry. "Someone" just sounds so much like a story of a child who has been adopted. I looked up the song and hunted and hunted for the MP3 with no luck. So I emailed the Artist! I received email this afternoon from Sara Hickman's label company, Sleeveless Records. They not only replied to my email, but sent me the MP3 of the song!!! WOW! They hope to upload the songs from the CD "Toddler" sometime soon to be bought as MP3's.

Thank you Ms. Hickman for this beautiful song. And a huge thanks to Lance at Sleeveless Records for sending the MP3 for this video!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

6 weeks a little late!

Kolya is pretending to be pretty buff in this photo. In reality he has one of those swimming outfits on that has the floats inside. He looks like Arnold Swartzenager. No such luck at gaining that much weight. Actually the weight gain is not really happening. A little worried but not too much. He had gained a little weight before he got sick. Then lost that weight during the few days he was pretty under the weather. He did not eat much when we went to D.C. But he is back to eating really good again so I am hoping we'll start see the weight. Wish I had this trouble. Can't I just give him the weight I want to lose?

Sadly the first dog Kolya called by name was Tressa. He would walk up and down the hall calling Tressa, Tressa!! But last Saturday we lost Tressa. She was a sweet sweet little dog and I miss her a lot. She was full of energy and so full of cuddle. We will never know what actually was the cause of her dying so suddenly. We know she was sick for a few days before. She went to the vet and we thought she had an infection from a bad tooth. She had several days of antibiotics and some pain meds.. And we scheduled for surgery to remove the tooth. But she got worse and did not make it through the weekend. She was only with us for 2 years. I sure hope that those two years were happy for her. I will miss having our little dog. And I will miss her high pitched happy howl.

Washington D.C. August 5th

The first few weeks of August a delegation of folks from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan is visiting here in the United States. The two members from Kyrgyzstan were Janyl and Cholpin. They are here in the USA to work on adoption issues between the US and their two countries. We are very hopeful that this visit will result in a resolution for the pending 65 cases. But this is a very cautious hopeful. We have been hopeful so many times only to get our hopes squashed and be left with no end in site. On Thursday night a get together was sponsored by JCICS and by Teaisms restaurant. The delegates from Kyrgyz and Kaz met with families that are waiting to bring kids home from Kyrgyz and Kaz. But also there were children there already adopted from Kyrgyz, Kaz, domestic and of course Kolya from Russia.

The meeting went well. We all had a chance to introduce ourselves. Tell a little about who we are, who our adopted children are and about our children who are waiting for us. Much to my surprise Janyl is/was the same Janyl that I met in Kyrgyzstan back in April 2009. We met her at the Ministry of Education and had a very nice long meeting with her then. She recognized me right away. Her eyes got as big as saucers. When she introduced herself she even made trhe statement about meeting me in Kyrgyzstan. I think she was just as excited as I was to see a familiar face in a crowd. Later we had better opportunity to chat one on one with the delegates individually. I shared a photo album of updated pictures of some of the waiting children, as well as a photo album of children who are already home from Kyrgyzstan (thank Hilary!! This book is getting a lot of use!!) They genuinely seem sad for the kids who are waiting. They really seem to want to come to a resolution. I sure wish, hope and pray that we will get the news we are hoping for this week. If not our kids will be doomed. I don't know what will happen then.

Pamela and baby E (adopted domestic), Emily(Kyrgyz 2008), Far left Tom Difilipino from JCICS

Cholpin, Kolya, Myself, and Janyl

These photos are a little backwards.. After our meeting we stopped at the Navy memorial which was right outside Teaisms. I never even knew there was a navy memorial. Coincidently the outfit Kolya wore was a Navy outfit. Actually this outfit belonged to my Godson Richie. I will have to find his photo and post it here too just as a cool little tribute to the outfit being older. Richie is 16 now! For the meeting I put the sweater vest over the navy outfit and it looked so darned cute. But then posed for the Navy pictures without it. I did realize after the fact that I had forgotten to get a good picture of just Kolya with the sweater vest on. Oh well.

In the middle of the Navy memorial is a flat circular map of the world. Kolya is sort of walking on what is about the vicinity of Novgorod Russia. Give or take a few hundred miles! A passer by saw me taking photos of Kolya and commented on how cute he was. And asked if he could take our photo together. Kolya did not particularly care for this statue. To me now looking at this photo I think of my grandfather. Poppop Fizz was a Navyman. And although he never left U.S. soil I can imagine this statue being him. My brother was also in the navy. So this memorial to the Navy is pretty special.

This is the sort of out of order part of the days. The Carousel is on the mall in D.C. right outside the Smithsonian Institutes. There weren't many people around so we were first in line for the carousel! Yes.. We (well I) got to pick the dragon!!!! He's is really pretty cool.

ANd I had plenty of time to take lots of shots while the other kids were getting on. Then we were off like a shot. There was a big storm coming in and we were about a mile away from Teaism. We took the photo at the top of this post and then power walked (Kolya power strollered) back to the parking garage. We made it just as the heavens opened up.
This was the night before in our SUITE hotel room. I used our Marriot rewards points that we had acquired staying in Moscow to book this FREE room. The room was humungous. It was actually two rooms. A bedroom and a living room. Too bad it was just Kolya and I. The photo above just goes to show how happy this little guy is. He was pretty sick Wednesday driving down to D.C. He had a fever and a runny stuffy nose. He hated the drive. But even sick this little guy just always seems to be wearing a smile!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010