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Sunday, August 15, 2010

6 weeks a little late!

Kolya is pretending to be pretty buff in this photo. In reality he has one of those swimming outfits on that has the floats inside. He looks like Arnold Swartzenager. No such luck at gaining that much weight. Actually the weight gain is not really happening. A little worried but not too much. He had gained a little weight before he got sick. Then lost that weight during the few days he was pretty under the weather. He did not eat much when we went to D.C. But he is back to eating really good again so I am hoping we'll start see the weight. Wish I had this trouble. Can't I just give him the weight I want to lose?

Sadly the first dog Kolya called by name was Tressa. He would walk up and down the hall calling Tressa, Tressa!! But last Saturday we lost Tressa. She was a sweet sweet little dog and I miss her a lot. She was full of energy and so full of cuddle. We will never know what actually was the cause of her dying so suddenly. We know she was sick for a few days before. She went to the vet and we thought she had an infection from a bad tooth. She had several days of antibiotics and some pain meds.. And we scheduled for surgery to remove the tooth. But she got worse and did not make it through the weekend. She was only with us for 2 years. I sure hope that those two years were happy for her. I will miss having our little dog. And I will miss her high pitched happy howl.

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