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Monday, August 16, 2010


A few weeks ago I finally heard the song I absolutely knew I wanted to use for this video. I was rocking Kolya to sleep listening to Pandora on my blackberry. "Someone" just sounds so much like a story of a child who has been adopted. I looked up the song and hunted and hunted for the MP3 with no luck. So I emailed the Artist! I received email this afternoon from Sara Hickman's label company, Sleeveless Records. They not only replied to my email, but sent me the MP3 of the song!!! WOW! They hope to upload the songs from the CD "Toddler" sometime soon to be bought as MP3's.

Thank you Ms. Hickman for this beautiful song. And a huge thanks to Lance at Sleeveless Records for sending the MP3 for this video!

1 comment:

Lori said...

Loved it in your video!!