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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catching up

I am such a bad blogger. Once upon a time I blogged almost every day. Now that I actually have something to blog about I have been lax in sharing. And, my computer battery died tonight so this post will lack the photos everyone oh so looks forward to. My apologies!
I can't believe it but Summer is over. Coolness is in the air. The air conditioner is not running full blast every moment of the day, and we are spending many more hours outside enjoying the weather. Kolya has been home for 9 weeks!!! The time has gone so quick. My whirlwind adoption from Russia is fading to a distant memory. The unbelievable amount of tme spent in a car from Moscow to Borovichi doesn't seem so long at all anymore. In fact I miss my travels. I have learned many things from this adoption journey. One is a love of traveling abroad. I miss my Kyrgyz friends. I wish I could return to visit. I loved seeing the sights of Russia (mostly Moscow).
This month may mark an end of one story and the beginning of another for our waitng Kyrgyz kids. I know that is certainly a tease. But I can't get much further then that in detail. We have one last hope, One last prayer, One last ditch effort to reunite our families. Pray this works. But if this does not then pray for our kids as we will all be needing to figure out how we can support them from afar. I sure hope and pray this won't be the case, hwever I can't stomach knowing that Shelby is living in an orphanage any longer then she needs to. Does that mean she will always be the child of my heart? Possibly. But this is out of my hands. All I can do is Pray and ask that all our readers do the same.
On to happier thoughts. Our dear Kolya is blossoming. He make us all laugh. He is 99% fun and 1 pure toddler. That 1% can be a bit trying. Especially to a new mom who has not had time to adjust to a child in the house let alone a toddler. Kolya is 100% boy. He jumps, he climbs, he bonks his head on everything. The other night I turned arund to get his clothing ready for bed. In less then 1/30th of a second he was able to scale his toybox nd do a double gainer smack(thud) on to the hard floor below. Ay, AY, Ay.... Luckily the only thing he hurt was a bit of a bite to the bottom lip and a lot of pride. But he hasn't tried a bely flop off the toy box again. So hopefully lesson learned. He will be 2 in a month and a day! A birthday party is in order! Can't wait.
What have we been up to? Last weekend we traveled to Argyle, NY to Shannon's and to the Washington County FAir. Kolya was intrigued by the tractors and the heavy machies! Tractor was his new favorite word that weekend. We visited Harrisburg with friends Kaitlyn and Brandon where we played in the fountain and took pictures of the building whee his paperwork was conceived. Speech Therapy is every week. We counted up a total of somewhere between 15 and 17 words, but that was a few weeks ago. His new favorite words .. Horse which he says like a whisper. Tractor, uh oh, who's that, Anna (for Hannah our German Shepherd) Nonna ( Donna our friend from dog training), Mammy (grammy), Poppop. He baaaas like a sheep and quacks like a duck.
We watched Star Wars this last weekend and he was MEZMORIZED!!! So fun to be sitting with our son watching a movie that was one of my first movies as a child.
Try to add a phto post soon.

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