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Friday, September 24, 2010

Time Flies

I just can't keep up with posts. Such a bad blogger. I went from posting almost every day to trying to figure out why I can't get a post in every week! Not for lack of being on the computer I tell ya. I get plenty of computer time. Not for lack of things to say about Kolya or photos because we have PLENTY of those. Maybe its Blogger's cramp? Maybe its the overwhelming up and down of emotion. I can't begin to explain the happiness we have with Kolya being home in our arms. He brings such joy and love to our familiy and to our friends and to everyone who sees him. Yes folks who just see him rollin along in the stroller just stop and smile, and they don't even know his story. This little man just exudes happiness and positive energy. Last week we went to the Oley Fair. Now I know I am biased and I am a proud mom. But, I could not help but notice the people who would look his way and just smile at him for nothing more then him being.. Just being! There were tons of children in strollers the place was packed. And I tried to be aware of these same reactions others were having to other children. And it just weasn't there.
Along with the happy is the overwhelming sense of hopelessness about our Kyrgyzstan daughter. We will receive a report from Ambassador Jacob's trip on Monday Sept 27th. From all we hear the trip and negotiations went well. But still no timeline in effect. We hear YES we will reunite the 64 kids (yes 64 kids I will write a full post dedicated to one special little girl). Yes we will sign the MOU, Yes, Yes, YEs... But no action on WHEN. Sigh.
But back to Happy note... Kolya has been home just shy of three months now! I can't believe it. Three months. We have a great routine. Kolya does best with schedule and routine. When we are off by even a little he is a bit of a bear. Sleep is very good! He continues to sleep through the night. And by through the night I really mean it! sometimes 12 hours! This morning he did not get up until after 10am. Yikes Sorry MOM! Not sure what that will mean for nap and sleep the rest of the day. Eating.. well that has tapered of a little bit. When he first came home he ate EVERYTHING we offered. He now his his favorites. And Pasta is not one of them. His favorite now is Mashed Potatoes and ground beef,. He does eat all day long, but kind of snacking all day long. I have not officially weighed him for a few weeks as I was discouraged at being stuck at 18.5 pounds. His legs are chunkier, and you can no longer see ribs so all weight aside I know we are moving in a positive direction. Speech- He still sees speech therapy every Thursday. He has at least 25 English words. But mimics everything we say. He understands simple English commands. "Pick up your juice cup, come here, " He calls Sabyr, Hannah and Ruger by name depending on which dog he wants to torment at the time. Kolya has three speeds now.. Run, Jump, and sleep.. nothing in between will do.
In two weeks we will celebrate his first birthday with us. And his Number 2!!!

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