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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


(blogger is not allowing me to upload photos!!! So I will have to load them later)

Ok So I am not really writing this on 10-10-10 but seems that my days slip away from me lately.
10-10-10 was our little guys 2nd birthday. What a great day we had! Kolya was surrounded with family and friends. I have never had so many people in our house before. Some came to meet our little guy for the first time. The day was absolutely beautiful. A good thing since we had so many people! The hit of the day was pumpkin carving. The littlest kiddos used markers and stickers. But almost everyone else carved their own creation. Another big hit (literally) was our Tractor Pinata. The little kids got to play the longest as this pinata did not hold up so good to the older kids. A few good swings and that was all she wrote.
A round of Happy Birthday, and cake and ice cream followed. By this time most folks needed to leave as the day was getting late. Pumpkin carving took a lot longer then we anticipated, but all the kids were having so much fun we could not get them away from their creations.
Kolya opened his gifts like a trooper. He sat and oooed and ahhhhed and wow'ed at his trucks and cars. Like a true toddler any clothing was ceremoniously tossed aside. However MOM is truly grateful for the clothing, the footie PJ's, sweatshirts, overalls, and long sleeved onesies.
A bit over a week later we are still discovering and opening the boxes of trucks and cars and tool sets. Lightning McQueen is a huge hit, we send him flying up and down the hallway many times every day. Tonight I think Kolya was trying to clean his ears with the drill set. The chuck cars and sets were opened on our visit to Brian's parents and his Grandpa helped him put the pieces together. The My First Reader went to duPont with us for his appointments last Friday. And the set of CAT trucks and John Deere tractors get rolled across the floor being pushed by Kolya vrroooooming them around on his knees.
Thank you to everyone and to my Sister-in-law Kathy for helping with the pumpkins! Just a perfect day!

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