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Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Birthday Post. I Support Adoptions

Ok WOW.. I just found that this was never posted. It is over a month old...

In honor of Sweet Shelby's 4th Birthday I want to write and thank Maria and iSupport Adoptions. A few weeks ago Maria wrote to me and granted us. Literally.. she granted us a grant to be used towards our adoptions. She is holding the grant for now while we wait for Kyrgyzstan to begin the process. When will that be? Who knows.

Take a moment to check out iSupport Adoptions. Maria is striving to help bring more children into families through adoption. Adoption is costly and full of roller coaster ups and downs. But through the efforts of organizations such as iSupport Adoptions more families may get the chance to extend love to orphans around the world.

Thank you Maria!

December 6th AGAIN Another Happy Birthday from 7000 miles away

Happy Birthday Sweet Noodle... I still do not know when we will meet again. But until that day know you are loved beyond imagination. Your childhood is being held hostage. But I can assure you that as soon as the word is given you will be swooped into the arms of love. Your birthdays will not come and go unnoticed. Every day will be full of love and learning. You will never know the feeling of being alone. Your days will be filled with laughter and your nights with sweet dreams. You will begin and end every single day with a snuggle and a kiss. Your brother your daddy, your family and your dogs will fill every waking moment. We love you more then ever Shelby Kristina. Hold on little girl one day we will be in each other's arms forever.

Ok that was one story for the day...... The second story is my gift from Shelby on her Birthday last year... This is from my secret squirrel blog that I kept while we were preparing to adopt Nikolas.

Sunday, December 6, 2009
December 6, 2009
So today was Shelby's Birthday. The day sort of came and went since I worked all weekend. Not without me thinking hard about where I want to be, where I was last year and what has not occurred yet. We will have some cake when I go home on Monday or Tuesday.

But what I want to post here is a truly amazing possibility. Today, on Shelby's Birthday of all days. Another post has appeared on Rainbowkids. I found Shelby on Rainbow kids in a very similar fashion. checking back all the time her post just appeared hours after I had just checked. Now tonight I check several times and a new post has appeared. This is what I found........

ChildID / Name Birth Date
KF5 10/1/2008
Location Gender
Unspecified Male
Date Added View Siblings of this Child
Agency KidsFirst Adoption Services LLC

Details This child is available for immediate adoption and we are looking for a family who has a current approved home study. This child is approximately 14 months old - the date of birth listed is approximate. He was born at 32 weeks gestational age. The doctor and teachers are very happy with his developments. He is walking with support (while holding on to furniture or someone else). He plays with toys attentively and is showing good progress. The doctor reports that he is still showing an 11% defecit in weight, but they believe this is due to the prematurity. If you are interested in more information about this child please contact Inna at (317) 843-2300.

Time will tell.. But I feel like God has sent this Birthday present from Shelby to us on her Birthday. I sure don't know how we will financially handle this. But if this is meant to be I am going to let God figure that out.

And third on this December 6th 2010. My very dear friend is arriving in Moscow. My prayers and thoughts have been with her all day and night. She is meeting the little girl this week that she hopes to call her daughter. It has been a long road for her. I hope this is finally her moment and that the next few weeks will bring her to mommyhood.