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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Immersion in Kyrgyz Culture/ and One year as Momma

First before I go into Kyrgyz stuff..... I just have to say. I am an awful blogger. Really! I started this blog over three years ago. And up until about a year ago I was obsessed. Hmm wonder what could have changed that??? Oh yeah I became a mom! We became a family. I simply respect all those great bloggers out there who can blog and be mom/dad. I just seem to forget to blog. Poor Kolya.. Although he is growing up on Facebook!!! However I just have to say that one year ago,May 27th, in a courtroom in Novgorod, Russia, I became mom to Nikolai Ivanov I. And he became Nikolas Benjamin Richard Bates. He is our love, our joy, our new life. He means the world to us and I can't imagine how this road came to be. Without the road which has been rocky and rough. Full of so many periods of waiting and tears, Kolya would not be a part of our life. Kolya one year ago became part of a family (on paper) and he was no longer an orphan! Next month (June 24) we will have him in our arms for 1 year. Sure Hope I can find the time to do him justice and get a one year home blog post up!!!!

Ok... Maybe.. Just maybe by being immersed in the culture of everything Kyrgyz we can herald in the coming of good news from Kyrgyzstan???? If one is to believe in dreams I must admit I had the first dream that I was actually holding Shelby Kristina in my arms. We were laughing and running... All my past dreams have been of seeing her in the distance. Just out of arms reach. Not allowed to get close. Not allowed to touch or even let her know I am there. Can it be???

Anyway back to Kyrgyz stuff. We are spending the night in Bethesda Md. In the morning Kolya and I will meet so many that we have met only virtually on this journey. So many that hold our struggle close. So many that pray for resolution. The day I am sure will bring a large circle of emotions. The joy at seeing Kyrgyz kids in their families. The fun of reliving the culture of Kyrgyzstan. The food, the people I have come to love so much on this journey. This weekend is The Kyrgyz Children's Future Kyrgyzstan reunion weekend. Then on June first we will return to Washington D.C. for festivities at the Kyrgyzstan Embassy. June 1st is National Children's Day in Kyrgyzstan. And the Kyrgyz Embassy is sponsoring a day for children, as well as a meeting in the evening for all those who hold an interest in Kyrgyzstan Adoptions. They will be updating on the latest news available. Hoping that this weekend the sights of children having fun, Children thriving, Children being children in their adopted families from not only Kyrgyzatan, but from The United States, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ghana. Children need their families. Children need love. And love knows no international boundaries.